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  1. Khôr’nagan


    I concur. Also, I typically like wearing black clothes... And this Halloween (even though I'm not trick-or-treating) I'm dressing up as an orc. Maye I'll go outside and jump out at little kids... (ones without their parents with them, of course)... Anyway, as I said, I concur with ithrynluin...
  2. Khôr’nagan

    Elvish names for JRR Tolkien?

    Has anyone here ever made names in Elvish (or other languages of Middle-Earth) for Tolkien? The best I can come up with, as a result of limited knowledge of Sindarin word-structure, is Ceredir, meaning 'maker,' or 'The Maker' (in Sindarin). Indeed, I could not find the word for 'maker' in my...