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Recent content by Khamul

  1. Khamul

    A very interesting article.

    I am considering Rice actually, wow.
  2. Khamul

    The "secret" dwarves tongue?

    With the way the question is phrased, 'rarely' just tells us that it was seldomly done. Thus, there is still a possibility of it happening.;)
  3. Khamul

    How do Orcs Breed?

    Just ignore PJ and see it as just an action movie. I would go insane if I actually thought of it as a LOTR movie. :rolleyes: Back on topic: The pods were absolutely ridiculous, the Elves bit would be partially correct.
  4. Khamul

    How do Orcs Breed?

    The fact that some orcs are men leads us to conclude that they must have multiplied in the same manner. (Orcs were around before men were, so Elves must have also been taken into the will of Melkor.) I am sure that there is a thread about this same issue somewhere, or was that about the...
  5. Khamul

    Different images of Elves

    But, his specialty was not in the making of crafts. It was in terror. Ahhh, ok I admit my wrong on the fact that Sauron learned much from the Elves. As for the self-righteous factor, that goes back to their hatred of Dwarves. The Dwarves made great works for them and the Elves did...
  6. Khamul

    Different images of Elves

    The Elves in my mind held no special powers for me when I read LOTR. I saw them more as pompous bigots and egotistical jerks. Some of my opinion changed after having read the Sil and parts of HOME, but not all. The Elves were decieved and led to the rise of Sauron in a sense. Not as much as...
  7. Khamul

    A YayGollum Rant

    Could you explain that again? Which buttons do I press?:D :p
  8. Khamul

    A YayGollum Rant

    Got to agree with Anarchist.
  9. Khamul

    Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!

    Is that necessarily a bad thing? Melkor was the hero...... Melkor---Sauron---The One Ring---Gollum falling in.......
  10. Khamul

    Gandalf as a kid?

    Gandalf is one of the Istari sent to Middle Earth by the Valar. No documentation of his childhood, if he even had one, is mentioned.
  11. Khamul

    How long did the Nine....?

    I will remember that....:)
  12. Khamul

    How long did the Nine....?

    Yes, I happen to remember that. I agree with Greenwood on this one.
  13. Khamul

    Unfinished Tales

    But I wouldnt want my kids spending a whole lot of money in one place. So, I dont blame them, but I still wish I had alot of money (doesnt everyone) and could buy all the Tolkien stuff I could find.
  14. Khamul

    How long did the Nine....?

    Yes, I do remember that part in FOTR. Since Gollum was also a Stoor(I think that was the type of hobbit) he had more resistance to the ring, but if he was ever fully engulfed in the Shadow World, would he have any immunity to what men would feel? Or would he have the same fate as them...
  15. Khamul

    How long did the Nine....?

    Yes, I knew that Gollum didnt use the ring much and that it would have taken more years for him to become a wraith. But, also what part could he have then played. He would have been no help to Frodo, and probably would be locked in Mordor, or would be set loose on a constant frenzy for the...