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  1. Mablung

    Of the fate of Eomund........

    I don't believe it's ever said though it can be speculated it happened soon after Saruman begun to turn evil with the Orcs slaying him but still early in the conflict since Eomer and Eowyn weren't in a state of grieving.
  2. Mablung

    Of the fate of Eomund........

    He married Theoden's sister Theodywn and was killed by orcs at Emyn Muil.
  3. Mablung

    Best Weapon

    I prefer Gil Galad's spear can't remember the name of the thing though... oh well Ill find it in the morning unless someone can remember off the top of their head.
  4. Mablung

    Aragron vs. Sauron---Return of Sword "NARSIL"?

    The Elrond and Aragorn team could give him a run for his money I think.
  5. Mablung

    Who likes Legolas

    Euthanase I think is the correct term.
  6. Mablung

    The One Ring's Effects

    I always thought it was more that they were put out of phase with the world like the Nazgul thus invisible and seeing things differently.
  7. Mablung

    maia? valar?

    First off you won't learn about the Maiar and Valar in the LOTR books so if you want to read up on them try the Sil. Valar are 14 powerful spirits who came in physical form into Arda to bring order and fight Melkor. And when you boil it down Maiar are just weaker Valar.
  8. Mablung

    Who likes Legolas

    It does show some sort of bonding though you aren't going to go up to some random guy in a fort and tell him your going to bag more orcs than him then get into a huge contest with it.
  9. Mablung

    Who likes Legolas

    He and Gimli dont have as big of parts as they should they're the least developed out of the Fellowship which is ironic since theres a lot of people who love them and want to see more.
  10. Mablung

    Who likes Legolas

    Yeah I think if Legolas looked like a blond taller version of Gimli he would have less fans. He still has a cool character though but nowhere near as important as some of the other Elves.
  11. Mablung

    In the shoes of......?

    I think I would go with Ecathelion because fighting and defeating Gothmog just seems appealing to me.
  12. Mablung

    questions about men

    To protect the North I think.
  13. Mablung

    The "secret" dwarves tongue?

    Not even them most likely and since it seems to be a very rare occurence does anyone know if it is forbidden by some Dwarven law to do so or if it is just a "hang up" of theirs.
  14. Mablung

    The "secret" dwarves tongue?

    Yeah the Ents are like that too I believe.
  15. Mablung

    The "secret" dwarves tongue?

    And its not as though anyone will learn to speak it after one battle cry.