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  1. Manveru

    I am reading Unfinished Tales

    I started reading UT yesterday and I must say that the introdaction made me feel so hungry of Middle-earth's stories... that I felt 'real-world' hunger (but I grabbed a snack and continued entering into this fine world of mysteries;)). I've read "Of Tuor..." so far and I'm going to "delve" even...
  2. Manveru

    Best Title. . .

    Hmm... I value my HEAD a lot, but... I'll risk it anyway... I just can't decide;) All titles seem right to me and in place... *runs away trying to avoid hits* :D
  3. Manveru

    On And On..................

    Welcome aboard, oblackbetty... And congratulations! You've just read one of the best (if not THE best;)) books ever written. Enjoy your stay at the forum...you can learn a lot from our more experienced members:D :cool: :p