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Recent content by Melian

  1. Melian

    Numenorians and Adam&Eve

    Well, I was thinkimg recently that there's some familiar motive in the story of Numenor. And suddenly I found out that the legend resembled the story of Adam and Eve. Numenorians used to live in a heavenly garden. They were tempted and eventually became too proud. So proud that they claimed to...
  2. Melian


    Flirting with Idril,annoying Maeglin,making good impressions...
  3. Melian

    is frodo innocent?

    In my view,hobbits have a symbolic meaning.They are the small,INNOCENT ones.Like kids.There was some threat about the link between LOTR and the Bible...I think it will be of a great help for you.
  4. Melian

    Happy Birthday,J.R.R Tolkien!

    Today it is the 110th anniversary of Tolkien's birth!!! I want this day to be our Holiday,and I expect your Birthday Toasts!