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Recent content by Mithrandir-Olor

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    Tolkien and Final Fantasy

    That you for the new information.
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    Tolkien and Final Fantasy

    Warning! This post will discus spoilery plot points from some Final Fantasy games. J.R.R. Tolkien looms over the entire modern Fantasy Genre, and doesn't lack influence on other genres either. However Japanese RPGs seem to be one corner where Tolkien' influence is mostly indirect, with the key...
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    Tolkien would have wanted his works to inspire Fan Fiction

    I'm not 100% sure this si the right board for this. But here it is. http://jaredmithrandirolorin.blogspot.com/2015/05/tolkien-would-have-wanted-his-works-to.html I don't know where to find the quote now, but I'm pretty sure he had said he wanted in time other writers and artists to add to his...
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    Independant Beren and Luthien film

    Good luck, I'd like to see it. Hope it gets up on Youtube.
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    Orome, Odin and Hermes

    When I was new to studying ancient mythologies, I never got why the Ancient Greek and Roman authors tended to identify the Germanic god Odin with their Hermes rather then Zeus, I mostly just thought "Odin is the King of the gods so isn't he obviously Zeus". In time I learned both Odin and Zeus...
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    The Unfinished Tales

    Unfinished Tales deserves it's own board as much as all the "History of Middle Earth" books do.