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Recent content by Rasec

  1. Rasec

    Do they, people?!

    Thank you! Hey people, now I feel like saying thanks to all of u who supported me in the subject. And also i feel that I must accept the apologies of the ones who found out my real intentions. Anyway, I am very relaxed about this thing... =) Ah, ithrynluin, you're welcome! I'm glad i made u...
  2. Rasec

    Do they, people?!

    i thought that... I will not apologize to the ones who thought i was joking, because i was really not. I did not mean that Tolkien mst have told something about it, and if he had done, it would obviously be very discreet and in a different way of describing it. Not something like: "Frodo went...
  3. Rasec

    Do they, people?!

    Ok.. this will sound a bit weird, but its just an old curiousity.. I want to know if people in Middle-Earth do their necessities, like we do when we go to the bathroom.. well, they eat and drink, so the food must go somewhere... is there any mention in the books about that?! I believe that at...