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Recent content by Squint-eyed Southerner

  1. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Delving Into the Archives

    (That's not really true, BTW -- I'm as guilty as anyone else). ☹
  2. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Phone and Computer Wallpapers

    Well that does look like fun, though it's more convenient for you to get to than it would be for me! Yeah, definitely check the MMM site -- they have released lots more stuff since I bought the first two, years ago, like These are newly recorded, BTW, after locating the original scores, and...
  3. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Phone and Computer Wallpapers

    Robbie was used in several TV shows, as well as films. I had a "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" bumper sticker on my truck, back in the 90's, but they proliferated after the movies. As for the window decals, a wide range are now available. A few examples:
  4. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Delving Into the Archives

    That is, IF you play your cards right!
  5. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Phone and Computer Wallpapers

    In that case, Erestor, you need to have some ringtones from the movie: Or from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" If you don't already know about them, I highly recommend the CD's produced...
  6. Squint-eyed Southerner

    How Did Aragorn’s People Seal the Ringwraiths in Tombs?

    I guess my best advice on this sort of topic is -- stop torturing yoursel! 😟
  7. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Phone and Computer Wallpapers

    Most definitely! I was forced to give up my dumbphone when ATT declared they would no longer support them. Still have the original Galaxy S5 I bought in 2015. In TechWorld terms, that counts as an ancient artifact. (That's me in the lower right corner).
  8. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Phone and Computer Wallpapers

    Well, I have to confess that, bored with the ringtone selections furnished with my phone, I downloaded "People of earth, attention!" from one of my favorite 50's SF movies. Try it out here: Be warned, however: you may get some odd looks from...
  9. Squint-eyed Southerner

    What music are you listening at this moment?

    I think I can hear some distant harrumphing from Manwe. . .
  10. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Why collect DVDs?

    And not just forgotten threads -- forgotten tech! :D I collect DVDs because: A) I can't afford satellite or cable (or streaming) B) Limited to my phone, as I am, youtube movie-watching is an eye-croggling exercise (though I did watch a couple of Mr, Moto movies that way recently, along...
  11. Squint-eyed Southerner

    My own theory on what Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are

    I looked -- and I was wrong. As usual. Although IIRC the words are "Some say she was a servant of Melkor who rebelled against him" -- or words to that effect. Sorry, not near my library. If so, she took on spider form after fleeing Utumno. On the other hand, I thought I saw a somewhat different...
  12. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion Trivia Game

    You can just hit "Reply" on the post you want to reply to -- as I just did. Some here do that whenever they respond to a post, even if no one else is on. Or you can select a line, or just a word, to reply to. I'm not sure how that works on a pc, as I'm limited to my phone, but I tap and hold...
  13. Squint-eyed Southerner

    How old is everyone?

    Well, I was thinking of you, Olorgando -- you're "new blood" here! BTW, if I forgot, welcome to the forum. I've been enjoying your posts! I was off for the past few months, due to the dreaded Real Life, so I guess you could call me "old new blood"?