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  • You have chosen exquisite bible quotes. Good going. I had a wonderful vacation in July, paid to house sit a small mansion with a swimming pool and a long hair cat. Except for work and my work at the Duncan Conference Center is slow in summer in Florida, I locked myself in behind their alarm system, swam, played with the cat, ate simple foods with red wine and slept. I am feeling very rested as we move through August checking up on my friends. Even my silent ones.
    I know where we can play John the Baptist and call others to repentance. See my new entry in Yavanna's Faithful about the first death yesterday of a U.S. Texas residence from swine flue complications.
    Don't leave. I'd miss you. You make me laugh. Prince of Cats has started a new social group. Yavanna's Faithful for Nature Worshipper's Public. Maybe you could help with ecology law since we have lost you crying the wilderness like John the Baptist.
    I don't think I believe you because you could be a lumberjack if you wanted to be. I have meet lumberjacks. It is very hard work. You would soon, like they are, high on drugs to dull the pain with or without woman's clothing.
    I'd be a lumberjack!

    I cut down trees, I skip and jump,
    I like to press wild-flowers.
    I dress in women's clothing,
    And hang around in bars!

    He cuts down trees, he skips and jumps,
    He likes to press wild-flowers.
    He dresses in women's clothing,
    And hangs around in bars!

    He's a lumberjack and he's okay,
    He sleeps all night and he works all day.

    I cut down trees, I wear high-heels,
    Suspenders and a bra.
    I wish I'd been a girlie,
    Just like my dear papa!

    He cuts down trees, he wears high-heels,
    Suspenders and a bra...

    He's a lumberjack and he's okay,
    He sleeps all night and he works all day.
    Absolutely fantastic. I was ecstatic to hear it. I was most pleased because it was one of those performances where you knew the award was truly deserved. He did such a magnificent job. The problem with the Oscars is how political they truly are. I noticed Bucky made a point about Sean Penn winning Best Actor for Harvey Milk over Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler and got to thinking that the Academy may have been influenced in their decision due to the nature of the film in its activism for gay rights. I know that can be a touchy topic; but it's nonetheless still relevant.
    My grandfather's name was Ira but typical of his day it was pronounced eye-ree. He is dead now, but I know he still lives. I saw my grandmother, his wife, Lou in spirit form after she died. My grandfather would get a kick out of you and at you for not doing what you really want to do.

    Ira's leg was injured at age 14 in a mining accident. He limped the rest of his life. He didn't let that or the depression of the 30's stop him from living the life he felt inspired from his heart to live.

    Since you are into ghosts perhaps I will send him your way.
    By being intolerant of the somewhat uninformed opinions of persons who haven't employed logic (or reason) in their discussions of the works of Tolkien and vociferously rebuking them for doing so. ;)
    I want to move to another state but don't have the finances nor can the course be changed easily to another University and I'm unemployed for the first time in six or so years. I feel as though I'm just frittering away my time.

    The name itself was originally used as, from memory, I believe Nazgûl had been taken at the time I registered. One reason I still use it is because of its inherent beauty (especially in its pronunciation). Friends of mine who have asked how to pronounce it are pleasantly surprised when they hear it spoken. The big reason it was used was to project an evil persona throughout the forum back in the day which I was unfortunately a little too successful at (I was banned). Hmmmmm, just wondering if I've given a little too much away... ;)
    Úlairi (pronounced ool-eye-ree, I believe) is simply the Quenya form of ringwraith or Nazgûl (however some claim the literal translation is "unlively ones"). It has no particular significance to my own persona currently unless you take the "literal" translation into consideration. I would agree that I feel as though I am unlively at the moment. I enjoy the great outdoors and have a zest for life and travel particularly but it is squandered in the place I reside which really is just a large country town outside a boring city. I feel stuck somewhat in my academic career (I don't know if I truly wish to be a lawyer at all) but education in Australia isn't cheap (but agreeably less expensive than the States) and I would be wasting a lot of money if I changed courses. *continued above*
    i agree with your observation that those who consider themselves rebels of society sound and act the same as mainstream with only slight variation in dress, vocabulary and mode of transportation. real change comes slow to humanity. pain is the whip that will ultimately change us, when pain is finally painful enough.

    does you name have a meaning to it? is it pronounced in a special way?
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