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  • Aisteru, you said you have been busy. Busy doing what? The doctor has put me on a mood stabilizer so maybe I can refrain this time from saying dragons are going to eat you. :D
    how well do you really know Chrys? Are you sure if Chrys was a dragon SHE wouldn't eat the villagers?
    Dear Aisteru,

    Thanks for the heads up on Tybalt :D

    If he runs away I'm probably down in Highland Park (about 15 minutes away from where I'm typing ). Hopefully he brings me some good LOTR merchandise ;)
    In your blog you were talking about crowded malls and said the following:

    "If anyone else agrees with me, please say so so I have some assurance that I am not completely insane."

    While I do believe you are at least partially insane (crowds?? depaul?? :D I got in there too but was too crowded and I can't handle being in the city (air pollution & colors & absence of nature) much less taking the L to school every day from the dorm) we don't have the option of replying to blog entries. I asked about it on the blog thread but dapence apparently thinks it would be a bad idea
    i have several models by which i live my life. a universal theory of everything has escaped me. my name windchimes is plural because there are several notes in the chimes and the melody depends on which way the wind blows. my avatar is a shape shifting bird from clouds in the sky.

    thank you for asking.
    Thanks. Well, just to let you know, I'm known for changing Avatars too often so the reason for sticking with this one is really time. I don't have enough time to find a new one. But yes, normally, I choose Avatars because they impress me. this one really stood out. It was either this or a crumpled star.
    As a matter of course, I could. I just don't wish to be misinterpreted. I add spice all over the place, anyways.
    I am not in that United Outcasts Social Group thing because its description informs me that it's for people who require other awesome Outcast social interaction. I don't. Mayhaps that is just one of my weird Outcast type qualities. I'm reading, though. Also, I agree. This place is nice. Green is easily my favorite color. But then, I have to be wary of mind control. Don't get too relaxed! We don't know what that Webmaster person is planning! :rolleyes:
    No inconvenience at all!
    I neglected to check a thread for three weeks, only to find that they were all still waiting on me.. It happens!
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