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  1. Alcuin

    The JOKE and MEME Thread

    Yeah. Pics show up fine in Edit mode using , but not in Preview or after Post Reply. I’ll leave them as they are: perhaps it will make sense to @mazzly. In the meantime, I’ll attach them one by one.
  2. Alcuin

    The JOKE and MEME Thread

  3. Alcuin

    The Hobbit - 1966

    There is an older thread on this subject here, but I fully support starting new threads on old subjects: new ideas should be examined, too. The 1966 film was created by animator Gene Deitch to fulfill a contract obligation by William Snyder to release a film on The Hobbit by June 30, 1966. The...
  4. Alcuin

    Mannish Traditions

    Gil-galad was born in Middle-earth after his father journeyed from Eldamar in the Rebellion of the Noldor, whether his father was Fingon or Orodreth, so no ban against his sailing into the West was ever set. Galadriel, however, was one of the leaders of the Noldor and also one of the leaders of...
  5. Alcuin

    Mannish Traditions

    Miguel, there were a fair number of Noldor in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age, but Galadriel was the last Noldorin descendent of the House of Finwë, the royal house. Gil-galad was the last of that house who claimed to be King of the Noldor. Notice that there were still Elven kings in...
  6. Alcuin

    Sauron and the Ring

    Repetitive discussion is an art form. Galin, who now calls himself “Ando”, is good at it: he and I have engaged in it repetitively over the years. I beg we cut him some slack; besides, I too may want to reëngage a discussion in this way myself in some later thread: so might you, my friend whom...
  7. Alcuin

    Mannish Traditions

    Thank you, Ando-formerly-known-as-Galin. We (you and I) concur: Galadriel’s exile was permanent because of her part as a leader in the Rebellion of the Noldor: she was the last of the Great Elves come from Valinor: all the rest perished in the wars of the First Age.
  8. Alcuin

    Military organization of Mordor

    That’s an excellent article, Aldarion
  9. Alcuin

    WHY did the wound not heal from the mogul blade on Frodo after one of the nine kings of the Nazgul pierced him?

    The “Epilogue” was published by JRR Tolkien’s son Christopher Tolkien in Sauron Defeated, which includes his father’s notes on not only the end of The Lord of the Rings, but also on “Akallabêth” or “The Downfall of Númenor” and on an unfinished and unpublished book, “The Notion Club Papers”...
  10. Alcuin

    Elrond's Standing in M-E

    That’s not a dumb question: It’s a darn good question! You’re right: Elrond had never been to Valinor, but had spent his entire life, about 6500 years, in Middle-earth. After the death of Gil-galad, Elrond and his children were the only living descendents among the Eldar of the Three Kings...
  11. Alcuin

    Sauron and the Ring

    Off Topic, but … this is appropriate for the season. On Halloween you might be correct, celebrating All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day to “purify” the community of pagan Samhain. Christmas, however, is and always has been a Christian holiday celebrated on the days – not day! – it is still...
  12. Alcuin

    Sauron and the Ring

    The Eye of Horus is the earliest depiction of which I am aware. The Eye of Horus is the “All Seeing Eye”, which has these characteristics (Jan Koenderink, “The All Seeing Eye?” Perception 2014 , volume 43, pp 1-6): the All Seeing Eye is Ever Watchful; the All Seeing Eye escapes overlooks...
  13. Alcuin

    At Boromir's death

    I don’t recall anything in Letters, but in Reader’s Companion there is a discussion of Boromir’s death as a redemption, citing several sources, none of them Tolkien himself. Among the discussions, though, are Boromir’s defence of Merry and Pippin, an act that reflects the Christian rite of...
  14. Alcuin

    Was Frodo a hero?

    I foolishly wasted time looking up the references. Letter 246 has Tolkien’s discussion of Frodo’s inability to destroy the Ring, and he writes about pride in all three hobbits, Frodo, Bilbo, and Sam. …At the last moment the pressure of the Ring would reach its maximum – impossible, I should...