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  • Buenas noches. I would love to be your friend. The name in my avatar is the name of one of the characters in my book. She is a she elf and has an interesting life. Her family settled in Woodland but she lives in Lothia, (my other Elfin kingdom).
    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"
    buenos dias. i hear spanish everywhere i go here in south florida. not that i speak it well. enough to get by. i work with a women who speaks creole from haiti. i would enjoy being your friend and learning more about your books.

    i am curious what does your name and avatar mean to you in the tolkien series?
    Greetings Anna.
    Sorry I have not answered sooner, I have been somewhat busy in "real life".

    I would be very pleased for you to be my friend and for me to be yours.
    As Baragund wrote, if you scroll down to the Middle Earth RPG section, you´ll see two threads, Council of the Wise (for discussions of the ongoing stories) and From Erebor to Eldamar (this is where all the stories take place). Read over them and let myself or Yay know if youd like to participate!
    There is an RPG section within our forum. Just scroll down about 3/4 down the main page and you will find it. The leaders of our current RPGing group include Chrysophalax, Narya, Turgon and Yaygollum. All of them are really cool people and all of them will be too happy to get you worked into their respective stories.
    Thank you for the invitation to become one of your friends. I hope you have been enjoying our little corner of cyberspace. The folks here are really kind and will be only too eager to answer any questions or engage in any kind of Tolkienesque discussion.

    Your Silent Warrior trilogy sounds interesting. Where can I see some information about it?

    And since you write, I'll bet you will enjoy our RPG section. "RPG" is rather a misnomer as it is applied to this web site. I see them more as collaborative stories. The participants coordinate what the story line does but there is a measure of independence. So even the leader of the story doesn't completely control where it goes. As long as the story and characters remain plausible, it's a lot of fun.

    Again, welcome and I look forward to seeing you around!
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