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Barliman Butterbur

Retired musician; active photographer; father of 3 grown children; grampa of 1 tornado of a growing boy almost 11) :-0

Tolkien (of course); music; digital photography; volunteering at UCLA (Bree Annex); Mac computers; everything Tiki (especially savoring strong Tropical Drinks!); good talk, friends, food — and of course: puncturing pompous pontificators!
Oct 24, 1936 (Age: 83)
Prancing Pony, Bree
Comment (Deep Thoughts)
It's all about how well you treat yourself and others.
Keeper & Landlord: The Prancing Pony


• Legolas: "The deeds of Men will outlast us, Gimli."
"And yet come to naught in the end but might-have-beens, I guess," said the Dwarf. —RotK: Bk. 3, Ch. 9
• By dint of railing at idiots we run the risk of becoming idiots ourselves. —Gustave Flaubert
• Arguing with a fool is like wrestling a pig in the mud. Eventually you realize the pig is enjoying it.—Gay N. Drehr
• With the truth, one cannot live. To be able to live, one needs illusions. —Otto Rank
• The final belief is to believe in a fiction which you know to be a fiction...It is the belief and not the god that counts. —Wallace Stevens
• It's all about how well you treat yourself and others. —Barley