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  • I noticed there's a new directory of all the members photos. But, it didn't have me in it. When I checked the photos, I noticed my pics are missing, which then makes me look like an ass who placed a comment without a picture even though I know I did. Do you know what happened? Not a big deal, just wondering. If my pics are just plain missing, I will delete my comments in that thread so I don't look like a jerk.
    Hey, I was wondering when the Tolkien Forum was created, so I asked around a few groups and all answers led to you. Chrys, specifically, said that it's your site so you are the one to ask. So, if I may, when was TTF started?
    Have'nt been here in a while, the new header at the top looks really neat! And thank you for the Birthday greeting, I look forward to it every year. Bye and thanks for a really cool site.
    I will happily be a moderator on the Leaky Forum, when you launch it. I used to read the posts on Hogwartsprofessor.com; exceptional quality, but many of them gave me a headache.
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