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  • I unfriended everyone on facebook that I don't ever talk to. It was nothing at all personal :) A belated thank you for the happy birthday, since I only just noticed I had a message .
    I appreciated you comment in thinking heads. Why don't you join us in "Faces of the Afterlife" also under the general title of THINKING HEADS.
    No. lol! I am A FULL-BLOODED MANILEÑA! My dad is from Zamboanga though. That thing from my profile is a quote from Shadow Puppets. How are you, though?
    Hi Narya. Nice to hear from you. I'm been doing fine. Been very busy lately. Just got back from a vacation in Mexico. Now I'm back on the road again spending two weeks in San Diego for work. I am also a proud aunt again as my sister just gave birth to her second son last wednesday. Lots going on as you can see. Hope all is well with you!

    All the best,

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