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    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    Although Tolkien was a christian, and as a christian his beliefs would have shaped the way he wrote, Tolkien disliked allergory. Tolkien wanted to write a myth for England, he read Beowolf and many other norse myths. I believe that just about all who read Tolkien, will find some parallels to...
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    The sense of smell.

    I have just read again the book of Unfinished tales. In the chapter The quest for Erebor, when Gandalf is trying to convince the dwarves to take Bilbo with them, he says " Yes it is difficult.But not impossibly difficult, or i would not waste my time here. I would say Absurdly difficult...
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    why is nine a significent number?

    Why is nine a significent number in the Lord of the Rings? I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this, as there were nine rings of power given to the kings of men, these men fell to the power and became the nine Nazgul. In the beginning of the quest to destroy the one ring, there...
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    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    having read the topic "Finding God in the Lord of the Rings". I think that people will always try to analyse the meaning of Tolkiens books. Tolkien said him self that it was not an allorgory of the bible, and he was trying to create a myth for Britain. You will find christian themes in the book...