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  • I was never able to afford a registered quarter horse, but my little grade gelding had spunk enough, let me tell you! He was great in pleasure and won his share in speed. I googled Iron Maker, gorgeous! :)
    I love Jesus too. Do you play music for your church?

    I sent you another friendship request because I lost your picture somehow and I don't see mine on yours. You have such a pretty avatar.
    My character is an elf. The translation is "Star of my heart's devotion" (or one of the possible translations, since there are actually a couple variant translations). Since it's Sindarin, it's pronounced with all pure vowels. Eh-lor (think the word "for")-en-deel.
    i am curious. how do you say your name and what does it mean. your avatar has wings. are you an elf or a fairy or perhaps an angel.
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