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  1. Eriol

    The Prophecy of Nargothrond

    Hmm... I wonder at Finrod's connection with the Edain. Both Finrod and Turgon got very specific messages from Ulmo in their holidays beside the Sirion. We know the content of those messages only generally; perhaps Finrod got some specific information about the Edain connection. We know that...
  2. Eriol

    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    I couldn't resist the urge to post the 1000th post in a thread :D. It is a unique thrill ;). Of course, there is the birthday thread, guess the pic thread, etc., so perhaps it's not THAT unique. That said, I must say also that I cherish this thread a lot; it was one of the first threads in...
  3. Eriol


    Moria: Elves and Dwarves were allies when the West-Doors of Moria were built; or at least those particular Elves and Dwarves were (Noldor of Eregion and Dwarves of Khazad-dum). So the comparison with the American-Iraqi relationship does not hold. The entrance was not supposed to be "a...
  4. Eriol

    The misdirection of Master Gandalf

    old, old thread... I think Gandalf's "direction" (I wouldn't call it misdirection, even if he's "deceiving" other people) of events is the most Gandalfian characteristic ever. He is the master mover; he moves hearts and bodies in the right direction. Anyone here thinks that Gandalf was a...
  5. Eriol

    Eowyn's Love

    It seems that the consensus reached was that there should be one thread for each lecture + discussion. I'll copy and paste the discussion of Rhiannon's lecture here, therefore. ********* Gil-Galad First of all I would like to say that I like Rhiannon's work,especially the way she proves...
  6. Eriol

    LOTR Trivia

    Aulë is right... unless I overlooked some nasty little pony somewhere :D.
  7. Eriol

    LOTR Trivia

    All right, this then is a Space Odyssey :D How many ponies do we see in the story? (not counting the Appendices ;) ).
  8. Eriol


    Wargs? Wolves? Vampires? Dracula? :D
  9. Eriol


    The Drúedain.
  10. Eriol

    What makes...

    Tough question... and I usually prefer not to delve into this kind of question. It spoils the magic; it's like asking which chord do you like best in your favorite music, or why do you love whom you love, or any such thing. It's great because it's great :). A little Humpty-Dumpty is called for...
  11. Eriol

    What else did he want them for?

    I think hobbits were, in a way, Sauron's only "loose end" in his plans. He never imagined that the Ring could be found out and not be used; or, being used, that it would not corrupt the bearer absolutely. Hobbits were unexpectedly resistant to it, much more than anyone thought possible. The only...
  12. Eriol

    Nassty Prologue!

    I don't remember my first reading of the prologue. But I like it a lot, now. However, when I recommend the book to people, I tell them that perhaps they want the info from the prologue delivered verbally (by me); not on account on forshadowing, but because I've seen people being turned off by...
  13. Eriol

    Guess the pic!

    Beregond and Bergil?
  14. Eriol

    Event Game

    It's me, in my journey. :D ;)
  15. Eriol

    Guess the pic!

    I don't have the book here, but I think Glorfindel is described as having "flowing hair" when he finds the hobbits + Aragorn; the one place where he is fully described (at the feast in Frodo's honor, in the chapter "Many Meetings"), he is NOTHING like that picture. It is Glorfindel disguised...