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  1. Finduilas

    Galadriels descendants..

    Yes, Amroth is supposed to be born between the year 350 and 400 when Galadriel and Celeborn dwelt in Nenuial. However, I don't know where and when Celebrian was born. It was either in Nenuial or later in Lorien.
  2. Finduilas


    Echo! In ch.9 'Of the Flight of the Noldor' of the Sil it is written: This is how Lammoth was called and how its destiny was defined.Later,Tolkien wrote: It turns out that the echo of Morgoth's voice foreshadowed the arousement of the orcs or,in other words,it called evil.But let's look...
  3. Finduilas


    I agree but his heroines are far less 'complicated' than his heroes. They are wise,easily falling in love and mostly GOOD(I speak in general) while men,elfs and ,well,heroes have different characters,for example ,ones are betrayers and others are completely devoted to their kings or countries...
  4. Finduilas


    come on,I know the reason why there aren't many women in his works. My point was don't you think the things should have been switched-he should have written more about women because he didn't have much experience with the opposite sex and he wanted to imagine about the women's soul.
  5. Finduilas


    Women in Tolkien's works. Tolkien had never known women well because in his life he had only his life.But shouldn't this be a reason for using his imagination and describing and including more women in his books. The unknown is always better.What do you think?
  6. Finduilas

    Our Life In Tolkien's Lotr

    It's true that everyone has imagination and often tries to live for a while in his unreal world. Tolkien didn't just live in the Middle Earth,he was born and died there because ever since he had created this book and all the others ,of caurse,nothing had been the same for him. I can't say it...