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  • I'm a little amused. I leave for ages and come back to find that the new features paint me as a pretty cool cat. 'Notable member' indeed.
    Hello! Long time no speak, eh? Just popped in for a quick bit of nostalgia, really, and as much as I'd love to commit to posting regularly here again (I really have missed the place something silly), I know I'll never keep it up, and, as such, I'm a bit afeared to make any sort of public re-greeting, so I thought I'd come and say hello to my dear old Fir!

    I've been removed from le Facebook, but the last I saw, a whole bundle of congratulatory e-love was to be thrown your way! I hope you and your family are all well, and I wish you all the best.

    Send my love to the rest of the crowd. Also I agree with Illuin: Sloths would make damn cool pets.

    Lots of love,

    Hello Sweetcheeks *cheeky smile* Haven't seen you in a while. Though I'd say 'ello! :D (And I don't wanna revise! BOOOOOO!)
    I've been around, I'm sorry I've been so busy! Working for *******, one of the most hated companies in the world! Great to hear from you!!!!
    Thank you for befriending me, I feel accepted now! BTW, noticed your aim name and am impressed.

    I have some free time the coming months and I decided to spend some time on here.

    How have you been?
    i know i have already asked you this, but would you post on my page how you pronounce your name and what it means to you.
    I think that the chrysophalax person was typing about my The Stumbling Of Man Upon The Uttermost West story. I'm not remembering any other stories of mine that are doing anything, at the moment. But then, I need to write up something to get the group moving again. I'll have them head off some place. You and the chrysophalax person have to think up something that would get your two guys into the group. Yes, I am a horrible person for not already writing up my post. I'll sleep on it.
    Fir...should I go ahead and post in Yay's game, a post long enough that might bring you in, or might your character be able to wander by? Also, ya need to post your profile, dear! *nudge*
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