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  1. Gandalf_White

    Guess the pic!

    I'm just gonna jump right in with my (stupid) answer. Galadriel and Celeborn
  2. Gandalf_White

    Nassty Prologue!

    I didn't read the prologue until after I had read LOTR for the first time. I think it would have ruined it for me if I had read it beforehand. But one of my friends told me all about what happened even though I didn't want to know. :rolleyes: Well she didn't tell me everything.
  3. Gandalf_White

    For all of us silm. ignorant people....

    Hey I've never read The sil. My friend and I were having this discussion about Sauron. My friend he says "So what is Sauron?" I said, "I really don't know but they talk about him in the Sil and I can ask someone who has read it." Your help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Gandalf_White

    If you were the ring Bearer and the Black gate was closed

    Duh If you really thought about this question it is a really easy an logical answer. I picked follow Smeagol that is the best answer. Cuz you can't try to get through. Cuz there isn't a way through. And I wouldn't be a coward and run home and cry. I was given the task to destroy the Ring or die...
  5. Gandalf_White

    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    THE best This is the best post I have read since I joined this forum. This is just the greatest!!!