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  • i enjoy your sense of humor. speak to the hand ... with such a vivid avatar of the hand. i smile everytime i see it as i am typing away with my hands.
    That stuff was from the 30's and 40's as well. Amazing. He's right up there with Wes.
    Is that you? That is so cool. It’s so mind-blowing seeing members in reality. You are like the many friends I have known in my musical life.

    Obviously, by your style…you must have at least dabbled in Django…yes?

    He’s in the top five of my mentors. Whoever conceived that video is great as well; amusing, as well as intense.
    No, I don’t play out anymore; but I still play a lot. I love playing jazz bebop (i.e. Wes Montgomery, George Benson etc.). And I like to play classical, mainly the lighter popular stuff (popular for a reason in those days - like the well known Bach stuff). Lately, I’ve been blown away by these country “Chet Atkins” style fingerpickers. Some of these cats are sick! I posted a link here sometime in the past; but if you didn’t see it; here it is:


    Doyle’s of course “labeled” country; but he has obviously studied jazz bebop in-depth.

    I’ve really been getting into playing this stuff lately. It’s so much more rewarding to just play for fun and enjoy it, rather than making it “work”.
    Thanks Gilthoniel, I thought the game had kept going so I neglected to visit the page for a few days. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Happy Birthday! Saw you on the birthday thingy and thought I'd wish you a good day. As House would say, the earth has made it around the sun one more time. We thought it wouldn't, but wasn't it the little planet that could all over again!
    Me too! I'm surprised that Yay and I actually share the same belief. I'm actually, really in shock.
    By the way, the thinking heads group is not a debate group. Everyone's opinion is respected. I am enjoying the conversation we are having currently. It makes one think, don't you agree?
    lol! I know the feeling. I was lost for a long while too. Well, I can answer you all those questions but I'm a bit confused myself. What profile chat thingy you were so excited about in your thread are you referring to? also that link you added points to a thread that I have not visited yet.

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