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  • Illuin, can you please check out my story and tell me if it is okay. :) Need the input of a professional.
    The mistake I made was to confuse your join date with your birthday, since you haven't posted it in your profile. With all the clever happy birthdays pictures you have posted, it would be nice to know when yours is so we can say happy birthday to you.
    I'm with ya, Mr. D. I despise cities myself. Copenhagen is a nightmare! Never go. On the other hand, I'm soooooo jealous you've been to Aricibo. I love astronomy, am an amateur astrologer and have a "thing" for UFO's. Lucky dog!
    Interesting! My father's farfar came from a little village just outside Stockholm and his wife was from Norway. My maiden name was Bergquist (Bergkvist). He came in through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century and settled in NH.
    Definitely! I was glued to the TV for an hour, watching all that happened. I was amazed that they saved the plane too. Those guys on the barges and tugs know their stuff!
    I just noticed the little thing under your name, the one that says "Movin' On." Coincidentally, that is the name of a snare drum solo I played in 7th grade. Just thought you would like to know haha.
    Well, I was giving them a bit of time to look around, but sure, I can toss some requests around. Why not? I still need to look around to see if I can get any of those inactive types back, too. :rolleyes:
    Ew. Why rap about such a horrible character? Ah. One of the people who don't especially enjoy rap, so you employ it only for distasteful subjects. That makes sense. Anyways, Illuin person, Yay for the cool head!
    i said s-a-m, g-a-m, a g with a double e
    i said he goes by the unforgettable name
    of the man they call master Gamgee

    well, his name is known all over the world
    by all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls
    he’s goin down in history
    as the baddest gardener there could ever be


    Brilliant!! :D
    Just curious, when do you make your big move to Chattanooga? Lucky devil! That's a nice place with lots of civil war history.
    Ugh. Nasssty star trek. I was raised on the series, unfortunately, due to horribly geeky parents. I know more about it than I enjoy. In a grumbling manner ---> Quark wasn't too bad. Bugburz isn't based on him, though. He's actually what my elf in that The Hells Of Iron story will turn into, although he won't remember it.
    It was! I'll confess that I've been ignorant of it's existence (as far as I know), but it was good! Something else to have a go at - I can see it merging well with my ukuleles!
    Whilst I'm flattered that you think that's me, I realise I should have been clearer. It is merely an artist I love, playing in the style I play. Forgive me, it's late!
    I keep meaning to upload videos, but between school, and now finding work, it's hard to get the time to focus on one thing long enough. I'm taking actual time out as soon, though, so I'll upload some then, and hit you up with a link!
    Woah! I'm impressed. With you and the music. I can see that being immense fun to noodle around with! I started off playing metal and punk in bands, but now I've started trying to expand my musical horizons. I'm playing a lot of rumba - The gypsy/flamenco style, as well as a lot of folk, and blues.


    This kind of stuff, along with the likes of some irish folk, and some deep ol' blues - Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, and Near Blind Willy McTavish!

    It's hard work developing new techniquess, but it's so much fun!
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