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Recent content by JoyridingTilion

  1. JoyridingTilion

    Morgoth going outdoors?

    When Morgoth returns to Angband in the Silmarillion, it's stated that he only left his fortress two times afterwards. What I'm guessing is that this means: - Once to corrupt the first men - Once to fight Fingolfin Similarly, when he fights Fingolfin, it's supposed to be the last time he leaves...
  2. JoyridingTilion

    Were the Istari conscripted?

    Didn't Manwe advise against Saruman going though?
  3. JoyridingTilion

    Why isn't Tuor more popular?

    Probably because Tuor was much more lucky than those three. He wasn't cursed to marry his own sister or watch his family destroy themselves, nor did he have to steal jewels from Morgoth. Which is why he just comes off as kind of bland IMO.
  4. JoyridingTilion

    Who Do You Feel Most Sorry For In The Silmarillion?

    Turin of course, since everything he tries goes horribly wrong thanks to Morgoth. I had a lot of sympathy for Feanor early on as well, but not after he started acting like a douche.
  5. JoyridingTilion

    Inappropriately funny

    When Morgoth is thrown through the Door of Night, I always imagined him in some comical position with his arms outstretched.
  6. JoyridingTilion

    What's in a name?

    Tolkien may have had some deeper reason for it, but I don't think Jordan, Rowling and the rest do it for any other reason than ominousness.
  7. JoyridingTilion

    Favorite Character?

    Definitely Glaurung, he's just such a cunning bastard, first hypnotizing Turin and then setting him up to marry his sister. I love Thingol too for some reason.