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  1. Legolam

    who here does this?

    Almost every time I read LOTR when I was wee, I missed out the Council of Elrond. I really hated all the boring talking and stuff and just wanted to get onto the exciting stuff. I usually missed out the Tom B stuff too. Then, when I went back and started reading when news of the films came...
  2. Legolam

    Reading Out Loud-- Songs

    I don't know what I base my tunes on, but I have very definite melodies that I sing in my head whenever I read the songs. They're really bad, though, as I made them up when I was about 8. And a lot of the time I just skip all the boring poems and songs, so I can get to the action quicker...
  3. Legolam

    Different images of Elves

    I can't remember what I thought of elves before LOTR, but here's my image of Legolas: He's very small, just up to about Aragorn's chin. He's always smiling and bouncing around (well, he's fidgety!). He has long blonde hair down to near his waist and is wearing a sort of Robin Hood green...
  4. Legolam

    Physical Descriptions

    There's a great description of Frodo in Gandalf's letter to Butterbur if someone wants to find it for me (someone else has my books!). There are good descriptions of Gandalf in the Hobbit if I remember correctly. :)
  5. Legolam

    How did Gollum bite off Frodo's finger?

    This is sort of a variation on the same question: how much force would Gollum have needed to bite off the finger? Did he go through the joint or through the bone? I wouldn't have thought that his teeth were in that good order if he was so old. And, for the record, I think Gollum's...
  6. Legolam

    Creation from Philology

    This is a really interesting thread, but I don't really have any answers. However, I would be very interested to hear everyone's ideas, so I'm going to send it to the top of the board again! PS, I like your sig!