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  1. lotrfox

    Fëanor's Two Handed Sword - Now a reality

    They just have three (sting, glamdring, and anduril), but I've heard great things from united cutlery too! http://www.unitedcutlery.com/Category.aspx?cat=LR
  2. lotrfox

    Want to help with getting Elvish on Duolingo?

    I realize that Sindarin or Quenya on Duolingo would probably end in a disaster, mainly since neither is quite completed and most likely never will. However, I find it shocking (and frankly, kind of insulting) that Klingon AND High Valyrian are both on Duolingo, yet the best languages - Sindarin...
  3. lotrfox

    Your first ever memory

    This may sound sad, but the earliest memory for me was in Kindergarten. I was playing with the toy animals when someone stole one from me, so as a form of punishment I knocked over his tower of blocks. I got in trouble for it... but I still think it was the right thing to do. :)
  4. lotrfox

    What are Goblins?

    Elaini, what then is the relationship between goblins and uruk-hai?
  5. lotrfox

    Do you celebrate Durin's Day?

    Nameless Thing - Yes, precisely! Hobbit Day is Bilbo's and Frodo's birthdays. Always celebrated on September 22nd. Durin's Day obviously is the dwarvish new year and changes every year since it is based on the lunar calendar. I found online that supposedly they are supposedly these dates: 2018...
  6. lotrfox

    working on my sindarin

    working on my sindarin
  7. lotrfox

    Do you celebrate Durin's Day?

    A week ago was Durin's Day for this year, and I had no idea how to celebrate it. I looked but no one had posted anything about it. I ended up just going out to eat for Dwarves are always up for a big feast. Yet I'm not sure I differentiated it too well from my celebration of Hobbit Day: a...