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Recent content by Miguel

  1. Miguel

    What music are you listening to at this moment?

    What were those phrases? 😆 This guy was extremely funny, i miss him.
  2. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    Absolutely. One does not simply walk into Mordor without Euros 🥵
  3. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    Could it be he, whose name is not spoken, be the one behind all this blasphemy? 😄
  4. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    That green, even though is relaxing, it's kinda out of place? 😄 Another area. Some rooms. A swimming pool. The lanscapes around the area look like Diablo 2's Act 1 with stone fences all over the land.
  5. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    The cloister turned restaurant. Obviously this looks nothing like when i saw it. This place is bigger than it looks.
  6. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    Some hotel staff reported paranormal activity in there but no one really cared about it, idk.
  7. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    Apparently, the owners coudn't handle the costs anymore and this are wealthy people i'm talking about which i find strange, maybe they were losing two much cash. Place even won a "Hotel of the year" 2004 award. However, it was very expensive. From what i gathered, top personalities started...
  8. Miguel

    Reason why modern architecture is ugly

    This was a XVI century monastery that was turned into a hotel in 97 iirc, but before that it was for a long time abandoned and i went there approximately around 93. Place is in the middle of nowhere, just the tour i had in the 1st/2nd floors was enough for me to not go into the basement/crypt...
  9. Miguel

    Very important question about the Shadow of War lore

    I love Monolith productions, they've made some of my favorite games. If i never read anything from the books i'll probably be more willing to play it but in all honesty, if i tried it i would get hooked.
  10. Miguel

    what became of Gendalf and Lord Elrond when he took the ship to the west at the ending of the return of the king?

    Me two. I guess any of the Edain who entered the island became long lived and not just the house of Elros? 🤔 There were also Drúedain living there. 😆
  11. Miguel

    How the Hobbit got ruined

    Cameron has something to say about this:
  12. Miguel

    What are you watching?

    I can i magine him discussing all this and more as he sleeps, same gestures and all 😂
  13. Miguel

    What are you watching?