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  • Hi Mirelena. I'm not sure if you frequent Tolkien Forums anymore, but I thought I would let you know I am making an attempt to breath some life into the Gray Hill Inn you started over 5 years ago.
    Here's to hoping you can get a bit of RP practice in again soon!

    I got your visitor message and I'm honored that you're keeping me in mind. I would be interested in a short term role if something is available in one of your stories. (Nothing like rereading LOTR to get the Tolkien mania fired up again!)
    I so enjoyed your entry in Weeping Willow about the glowing treasure box. You are a very gifted writer. Thanks for being my friend.
    Hey Mir!
    Thanks so much for the request to be added to your 'friends' list. I would be honored *bows*. Are you still in the neighborhood? Have you tried the chocolate milkshakes at Fran's yet?

    See you around!
    I looked at your homeoage and it looks fascinating! Are you working in Christian film yourself? My youngest daughter, Emma, goes to Lancaster Bible College and has been writing plays and acting. She would be very interested to check in on your programs offered.
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