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  • I have tried RPging in the past but I usually don't work out well. I always lose interest and don't know how to keep a story going, so I normally prefer to only be in ones I start myself. if I decide to try it I'll ask if there is a role for me but at the moment I don't think it is a good idea. I really appreciate the offer though, it means a lot to me.
    Well, inform me of your yahoo address, and I can do that. I have one, but I didn't see you about, and I understand that people sometimes have more than one of those things, for some reason.:*confused:
    The Narya lady! I received an e-mail from yourself. It is grand that you are able to show up in this place, again. I was here not too long ago and started an R. P. G., that, like all of my others, received little interest and hasn't gone very far. I always tell myself that I won't do that again, but I apparently never pay attention to myself. oh well. You are free to join up. It'd be the most recently posted R. P. G. Of course, I saw that you might be doing something with the Firawyn person. Have fun. It is grand to see you about, in any case.
    Oh, I'm doing okay, thanks. Alot of songwriting these days. My hours at work have been cut back so I've got TIME to write, and TIME to be on TTF. Yay!!!! How are you?
    OK. Didn't know you wrote one. Where have you been? With you and Yay gone, there is a lot of depth missing from the forum. Actually, everyone seems to be missing lately. There are a few new members who just came on board, which is a very good thing. But yes; I'll find it and read it ASAP.
    No large deal. I am up to my neck in trying to get work. I should probably make a rant about it. I see no rush for either project, though. This place is merely entertainment.
    I shall most probably be around for a while. Am attempting to reconfigure my sleep schedule to attune with a larger number of humans. Quite sad. Night people are much cooler. We can totally finish that one post, mayhaps!
    I know nothing of computers, or I would tell the thing that there are better people to avoid. It informs me that it is an E Machine. Electronic? Well, electricity is involved, I suppose. Anyways, I've used that chat room thing plenty of times before, and it never killed my computer.
    Didn't my computer die in your presence while we were writing over there, too? I don't know. I'm pretty sure that it just hates you. But oh well. Shall attempt. :rolleyes:
    Craziness. Registering at such places is not difficult. You have done it plenty of times before. I had no trouble at this place. Creepy. Well, one of those administrative types was there, but now he's gone, and I shall merely give him a Private Message type thing about it. oh well. *hides*
    Hm. That's weird. I don't remember that sort of thing happening to myself when I joined. But oh well. What is your name over there? I see that some administrative type is over there right now. I shall attempt to speed things upwards.
    It is abnormally reliant about being friendly and helpful. They really creep me out, due to that. Your explanation was expected. I was just wondering why I hadn't seen that name around the website. I guess that you were merely planning it. oh well. I merely mention it again because I've finally gotten into a story, and I figured that you might enjoy it as well, especially because you mentioned that you aren't a huge Star Wars expert, and this story is totally separate from that stuff. Mayhaps I should do those guys a favor and advertise for them over here. Get me some loyal Tolkien fans to invade. :rolleyes:
    Narya lady! Did I not send you one of those Private Message things already about that website called Star Wars Epics Dot Com? Did you not already inform me that you had joined the place? I did not see you around, at least by the name you told me you'd be using.
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