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    If you find it, I would love to see it! It could be in one of the books I don't have. I only have HOME 1-9.
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    Doriath wasn't founded by the Noldor ;) Nargothrond was hidden, but elves came and went as they pleased there, unlike Gondolin. Do you know a reference that says they looked for him? Not doubting you, I'd just like to read it for myself :)
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    If Turgon told no one about his company going to Gondolin, or about Gondolin itself, why is no one actively searching for him when he and his entire group of followers disappear? Or, is there any reference to him telling anyone that he was leaving, but would not disclose where to?
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    Silmarillion Movie

    I said for a while that I would approach it the way the Dark Tower books are being adapted (but closer adaptations ) into films AND tv. But now I think the interconnectedness of the story would make the tv seasons disjointed from the films (plus, some of the films would actually overlap and it...
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    Concerning Gondolin

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the geography of Gondolin for a while. If the Echoriath and Tumhalad had long before been a great lake, and the Dry River the only (or main?) outlet, how was there life within the valley? If there is flowing water within the Echoriath, and there are no...
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    Extended Edition packaging...

    This is something that has stumped me for a while, so I'm curious if anyone here might know... On the Fellowship Extended Edition DVD case (inside the Slipcase), there is what appears to be an elven heraldic device. I have not been able to find anything that says what it represents. It's...
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    Hello there

    Also, there is this blog I've read through a couple of times, has some pretty thorough chapter-by-chapter insights. https://mellon.quora.com/ I never had much of a problem with Of Beleriand and its Realms, it reminds me much of the prose style in LOTR, with the landscape descriptions and such...
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    Hello there

    The Silmarillion is, admittedly, a much tougher read. Very rigid, archaic, and."distant" in the storytelling. But, once you get through it, the stories within are fantastic. I honestly don't remember if I read it cover-to-cover the first time, but I don't think I have since. I usually pick it...
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    Lord of the Rings Total war?

    You can download a trial version of M&B for free. Either via taleworlds.com or via Steam. Mount and Blade itself is a single or multiplayer role playing game based on medieval battle. It is basically a sandbox game, without a real story. You can recruit troops into your party, either generic...
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    Lord of the Rings Total war?

    Give this Mod for Mount & Blade a shot: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-last-days I'm part of the team that developed (is still developing) the game ;)
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    The JOKE and MEME Thread

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    Do elves have emotions

    I disagree in that regard with the Hobbit films. If anything, I think Orlando Bloom's performance as Legolas in LotR would make someone think Elves have no emotions. Galadriel and Elrond's usually even demeanor could do the same. I believe that Bloom did a better job in the Hobbit than LotR...
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    The reason for that was simple: Legolas did not exist in Tolkien's world yet. When he wrote the Hobbit, he was years from imagining Legolas even existed. Even his father did not have a name at that point. He did not "discover" either character until he wrote LOTR. I'm sure that Jackson knew...
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    The Hobbit films' problems go way beyond adding Legolas to the narrative. Hell, you could easily have him in there without changing the plot an ounce. The fact is, Legolas was probably present for many of the events in the Hobbit, simply because his father, Thranduil (the Elvenking in the...
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    Your favourite Silmarillion story

    Clearly. I'd read it in the Silmarillion before, but when I read it in CoH and had this part tacked on at the end, it is the most emotionally moving piece of literature I've ever read.