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Recent content by Pat

  1. Pat

    My own theory on what Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are

    That's another reason I love Tolkien, it's all the mystery
  2. Pat

    My own theory on what Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are

    Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are the most enigmatic beings in all of Middle Earth and seem to be locked outside the eternal conflict of good and evil. When Tom saved Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin from Old Man Willow he was able to wear the One Ring without being corrupted or turning invisible. Tom...
  3. Pat

    Why I Think Dwarves Count As Eruhini

    Eru has an overarching plan for Arda and I feel that he intentionally let Aule create the dwarves as he knew that he would be impatient in the coming of his children and that it was always his intention to adopt them.
  4. Pat

    Why I Think Dwarves Count As Eruhini

    Alright, so if you've read the Silmarillion than you know that Quendi and Atani, Elves and Men, are the Children of Iluvatar, the personal creations of Eru during the third theme of the Ainulindale. Dwarves are what may be called Aulehini, the Children of Aule. Dwarves are generally not regarded...
  5. Pat

    The Flame Imperishable as being analogous to Holy Spirit

    As is well known, Tolkien was a Roman Catholic. In Catholicism (as well as in other denominations) God is viewed threefold, being composed of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. While the two former have clear purposes, the latter does not. It is in my view that Eru, being the supreme deity of Arda...
  6. Pat

    Is Tolkien's portrayal of goblins/orcs antisemitic and racist?

    I would say that the presentation of orcs, goblins, Easterlings and Haradrim could be viewed as "racist", as well as the stereotypical presentation of the "east" and "south" as being savage compared to a civilized "west", but these I would argue were not intentional on the part of Tolkien. The...
  7. Pat

    Did the Meneltarma sink into the sea?

    I have always believed that the Meneltarma did survive, as it was the hallowed center of worship for Eru, and it surviving would symbolically show the ultimate victory of good over evil.
  8. Pat

    Did the Meneltarma sink into the sea?

    Alright so I recently re-read the Silmarillion and Akallabeth. I've heard conflicting things about what happened to the Meneltarma, the mountain at the center of Numenor. I've heard that all of the island sank completely, but also heard that after the reshaping of the world some of the water...