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Apr 30, 2013
Nov 27, 2007
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Apr 30, 2013
    1. Sulimo
      Hey Prince, Happy New Year. I am currently reading the color of magic. It is entertaining, but I don't know if its my thing. I will read a few more, and see how i feel. It is certainly fun, though.
    2. Sulimo
      Thanks for the recommendation. I finished Les Miserables (?) yesterday, and I just had a birthday in which I got $75 in Barnes and Noble gift cards so you have remarkable timing. I might just pick it up tomorrow.
    3. Sulimo
      Hi prince. How have you been?
    4. HLGStrider
      Well, we're in our house, just waiting for our stuff to get here. They told us they are bringing it this Friday. It will be nice to have some place to sit again. I'm glad you liked it.
    5. Sulimo
      Hey Prince, its been awhile, how are things going? I feel like I'm starting to find my Tolkien groove again, but I'm still rusty. Hope all is well on your end.
    6. Sulimo
      Sorry, I have not been on much lately. Things seemed to stall on the forum for a while. However, I have been looking around tonight, and it appears that I have a lot of catching up to do. Hope all is well on your end.
    7. Sulimo
      Hey Prince, I checked my parents house and it alas was a no go. I could not find a copy of the book there, but good luck acquiring a copy.
    8. Miriel
      Well, are you joining or not? Please tell me....
    9. Miriel
      I've added it to site thread.
    10. Sulimo
      I am attempting to start a discussion on the thinking heads. I have no clue if it interests you or not, but I did not know if you have any advice on how to generate steam for such a thing.
    11. Sulimo
      I may have an extra copy of it at my parents house. I will be going there in a few weeks, and I can take a look. I seem to remember there being 2 copies, but that was several years ago. I can't promise anything though.
    12. Sulimo
      Hey Prince,

      I read that essay in Tolkien and the Critics. It is a book of essays that came out I think in 1962. I have my dad's old copy of it, and I think it has been out of print for quite some time. However, you could probably find it online. I highly recommend reading it, though. It is a very pleasant read, and it is cool to see how several aspects of Middle Earth were interpreted without any knowledge of The Silmarillion.
    13. Prince of Cats
      Prince of Cats
      Hey Sulimo,

      I believe Tolkien regarded Shakespeare as overrated and personally I never felt there was a connection or allusion to R&J. Interesting point, though!

      To spirit - that doesn't sound all too bad; raw fish's reputation for food has come a long was since The Hobbit was written :)
    14. spirit
      I can keep a secret, but it's not much of a secret. I live in Gollums cave. Yeah! It's really peaceful, though it does smelly a little musty. You should come and visit this homey cave!

      I'm from little ole England. :D
    15. Sulimo
      I have a quick question for you. I am curious about your name. I believe that this is a reference to Tevildo, Prince of Cats. Do you know if Tolkien was in some way making a reference to Tybolt from Romeo and Juliet with this name. I remember when I read it in the Book of Lost Tales, I thought it was really weird, and off the beaten path.
    16. spirit
      Hi ya, I'm just curious as to where abouts you're from?
    17. Sulimo
      The essentials are what posted. Thanks, for letting me know about the notifications for future use.
    18. Sulimo
      I made a response to your post, but I put it on my window. I'm new to the site, and was unsure if you got any kind of notification.
    19. spirit
      Hi *waves* You've got a gorgeous avatar :) xx
    20. windchimes
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