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Recent content by Rebecca Fike

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    Nice character chart

    I saw the map but I am not as it is so mess up. But the names are clear and bold that one can understood.
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    Do we have a free Hobbit android game app?

    Well, are you still playing this action-adventure video game? Hobbit was played by my brother previously on the PC. He inspired me to have this game, I like this game because players can rule the entire cities of dwarves. This theme is exactly different from the other shooter video game. Playing...
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    What exactly turned Saruman to evil?

    I totally agree with the above points you had mentioned, may be their other thing that make him to evil.
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    Crafting of the Knives from the Barrow Downs

    This is a great initiative to start, well, I also like to build the same. But generally in the shooter video game I always used to activate weapons for the players.
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    Where did Hobbits come from?

    These are all fictional but I found it true, there is a video game too that is The Hobbit which is exactly opposite from this. Has anybody try this game before?
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    How far is a league?

    I am so curious to try it as I didn't yet try it before.
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    A Pilgrimage through Middle-earth

    I think this is the correct way of getting it, well I also have a plan to have a visit over there.
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    Tolkien Fan Art – Criticism

    I think one which is portrayed by someone should be in respectable. I like the above graphics as the quality is really awesome. I don't know where did you get this idea but the art is fantastic. How did you make this?
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    What's in the Dark Tower?

    I want to know more but yet I didn't go through it.
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    Help with quote

    I think from the quote he failed to take that ring which he is going to gift her but I am not sure.
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    The Hobbit Game

    Well, I like playing action adventure video game, currently, I am playing GTA 5, and looking for the latest series to arrive. Are you playing this one? I saw the video and its amazing.
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    The Worst Spoils You Ever Had With LOTR?

    Hey, guys, I am new here, Well, I think consolation make it to digest it. Well what other game are you guys playing now a day, I also like to play a video game especially with the friends.