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    The Sword of Shannara... there's a blast from the long distant past! I heard that Eragon is even more blatant. I think anyone writing fantastical literature will be somewhat derivative. Its not where you get your source material, its what you do with it that counts. Anyway... Tolkien's...
  2. Snaga

    Did Gimli?

    I think that if you read the book again you will see that the way that the Fellowship is assembled is not at all similar to the movie. There is no "And you have my axe" moment, coming just after Legolas has offered his bow. So, he certainly doesn't act to spite the elves. In the book, he...
  3. Snaga

    I need some info on Eowyn!!!

    Ummm... any little bit of info?? Eowyn was female... any help there?!;) I think you should narrow down your question a bit (assuming you read the book already). But a pointer would be to read carefully the Chapter in Return of the King entitled 'Houses of the Healing'. Also the...
  4. Snaga

    Favorite part of the Hobbit

    Where is the part in the Silmarillion that says Smaug was in the army of Morgoth? I don't recall any such passage, but I could have overlooked it I suppose. My own belief is that Smaug is not nearly so old. He was quite young at the time he attacked Erebor and tossed out Thror and co. He...
  5. Snaga

    Pro or against women???

    Rather than saying Arwen was shallow, it is better to say she was not portrayed in depth. By "shallow" people often mean immature or naive or air-headed or similar things, all quite unlikely in an elvish princess. Although the Rivendell elves as portrayed in 'The Hobbit' might be considered...
  6. Snaga

    War of the Ring- A little to good to be true?

    An excellent post by Aragil. Worthy of a response at greater length than I am going to give so far. But it should be noted that in most battles in real wars, the aim is not primarily to slaughter your opponents to a man but to disrupt the organisation of the enemy. If you can do this, and...
  7. Snaga

    Pro or against women???

    I agree it probably wasn't meant to "solve" any issues. Its a novel, not a political manifesto! But it is evident that it does address many issues, and there seems to be more ambiguity in this issue than others. This is the reason why it is a tale "that needed to be told". If it had no...
  8. Snaga

    Pro or against women???

    I am inclined to agree that having lots more strong female characters might have detracted from the realism of the story. I suppose though, that the stories of the female characters COULD have been more central to the story. I think it is fair to say that the role of women in highly...
  9. Snaga

    Character Discussion: Eowyn

    I'm not sure how to rate her. 8? I don't think she wanted to be queen. She admired Aragorn because he was honorable, not because he would become King. Aragorn didn't make a big deal out of this. She felt the house of Eorl had been dishonored, and felt the Shadow growing. Lacking hope...
  10. Snaga

    discussing the photo album

    I've not been keeping up with the photo album.... I only just spotted that pic. Yes we had fun at Idril's house.:) That necklace was made by an old Indian guy somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where it never stops raining ... EVER! Wonks wears that necklace more or...
  11. Snaga

    Where have all the mothers gone?

    While it may be literary convention to have an orphaned hero, this goes far wider. When you have to point to Lobelia and Shelob, you know you are clutching at straws!:) The point about Sam's constant references to his Gaffer are interesting, and quite at odds with Merry and Pippins care-free...
  12. Snaga

    Where have all the mothers gone?

    The typo that turns marital to martial is fun!;) Thanks for the correction in relation to Celebrian. And yes, Tolkien doesnt deny the existence of mothers, he just doesnt portray them. Its quite a strange thing IMO.
  13. Snaga

    Where have all the mothers gone?

    There is a peculiar lack of mothers in Lord of the Rings. So many characters have mothers who have died. Frodo, Aragorn, Eowyn and Eomer, Boromir and Faramir, Arwen... Tolkien lost his father, and developed a very strong bond with his mother but it seems he was reluctant to portray a...
  14. Snaga

    Smeagol = Caliban?

    Caliban (from Shakespeare's The Tempest) and Gollum seem to have some superficial similarity. Both are 'gangrel creatures', quite wretched, and driven by an unconquerable desire. How good a comparison is this?
  15. Snaga

    The Mark?

    Yes... aka the Riddermark.