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  • Hey Spirit,

    Responding to your visitor post, I'm over here in the USA where spring is in full bloom :)

    What about you?
    "Location...can you keep a secret?" (from your profile)
    Thanks for the tip. I told her about my post and your response, and we had a good laugh.

    Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by myths and legends. My father would read books like the Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit to us. As I got older my love for the fantasy genre grew, but no one could top Tolkien. I then learned from reading the David Day book "Tolkien's Ring" that Tolkien really created his world from an amalgamation of ancient myths and fairy tales.

    Now I am simply a student. Who is interested in discussing the multifaceted world Tolkien created, and hopefully imparting some of the knowledge I've gained, and learning something as well. I hope to interest others in the sources which inspired these works.

    How about you Spirit?
    Hi, yeah I am new. My wife got tired of me talking about Tolkien all the time, and so I found a forum to discuss it. Now she is getting tired of me telling her everything I'm reading on the forum. :) Thanks for welcoming me.
    Hello spirit. I'm so sorry, the late response, but I've first read it now. (Difficult to notice the small marker at the Notifications label)

    I love games and puzzles, and I try to answer/solve every one I can find. I believe it's one of the best methods to learn new stuff.

    When I joined TTF, almost all the game-threads were dead, so I took the liberty to reopen the lot and named myself the "Game-Keeper".

    Allthough, I'm in a period, where I can't find the time to log in as much as I would like to, I will still peep inside "my" games from time to time, to make sure they are alive.
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