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  • Hey Sulimo,

    Happy New Year right back atcha!

    I'm glad to hear you're giving Pratchett a go - we all have different tastes, though! :) After reading Mythlore (a publication of the Mythopoeic society) I think I'm going to give E R Eddison a try next for the meaningful side of literature - but the Discworld sure is fun for me to read
    Hey Sulimo,

    If you're still interested in Reading some Pratchett ... I have some more experience under my belt of introducing people to Pratchett these days and in my attempts people have responded best by reading The Color of Magic (which is the first book, and also the first book of the wizard story line). I had a friend who much preferred Guards! Guards! (the first of the city watch storyling) but 2 others who didn't like it at all (though, conversely, online and including here on this board I've heard people who prefer that storyline the most).

    So yeah ... The Color of Magic - I suggest giving it a good read :) It's one of my personal favorites too, along with and especially its sequel The Light Fantastic
    Hey Sulimo,

    All is well here, and still enjoying my Tolkien :) I'm currently (re)listening to Rob Inglis' unabridged narration of The Hobbit
    Hi Sulimo
    I have been out of commision for the past four weeks as a result of surgery for two hernias one on each side hence two 6-7 inch incissions. Turned out to be more painfull and recovery time longer than I had thought. I am still not back to work yet soon though. I am at my local library using their wifi. I was able to veiw the forum some during recovery time from my wife's I Phone but found it too frustrating to try and post from it. At least I have plenty of time for reading. I read the letters of JRR Tolkien and am currently reading "The Tolkien Fan's Medieval Reader" a group of old english, norse, finnish, etc. legends put together by Turgon of the one ring .net. I noticed not much response to our discussion of free will. When I get back to work I hope to be comunicating on the forum again. It sure will be nice when i can get a decent internet connection in the boonies where I live. I hope all is well with you and yours and you are enjoying a pleasent summer.
    Hey Sulimo,

    Unfortunately it's pretty tricky to keep tabs on the social groups' conversations. I have a link to the new threads of the day that I click on religiously but that doesn't show new social topic posts. I admire and applaud your initiative but it's likely that members who would normally participate won't know of the discussion
    Thanks for the info Sulimo! I have a problem with buying books on ebay - whenever I start I can't stop :D Once I settle some debt I'll be searching for it
    Reading Tolkien and the Critics. When I'm done I hope to begin some engaging threads! Yeah!
    I am definetly no scholar. I am a blue collar background man. I will gladly share my paper. I wonder if it will have the depth you may be expecting. It's more rebuttal that although Tolkien does seem a front man for the green movement he is also about so much more. The conference theme was nature and environment in Middle-earth. I think I point out just how involved Iluvatar really is in everything that happens. I wish I were much more knowledgeable about older mythology since the more I delve in Tolkienology the more I gain interest in his sources and the lure of the farie tale. Any way How can I send the paper to you? Can I attach something here on the forum or can you give me an e-mail address?
    I'm out for two weeks. I'm going to check out Europe for awhile. I will check in to see if anyone attempts my questions, but being I posted them 2 weeks ago. I will not get my hopes up.
    The title of my paper was "Divine Intervention and its Influences on Nature and the Shaping of Middle-earth" I am not sure if my paper was up to the standards of the proffesors and scholars that also presented but I gave it my best shot any way. If you are familiar with who Jason Fisher is he gave me a lot of great advice. I contacted him by e-mail and he was incredibly nice and not at all condescending in comunicating with an ordinary non college educated layman of Tolkienology such as myself. Next years theme is Tolkien's Beastiary I am not sure if I will try to present but I think I will write a paper anyway just because it causes me to learn a lot. I am always amazed how much there is to learn from reading Tolkien. Unfortunately my only access to the internet is here at work so I can't visit as often as I would like, we are still too rural in my part of Vermont to have the luxury of internet over phone lines. It is great to have a fellow Tolkien enthusiast to communicate with.
    Thank You Sulimo I am looking forward to being here. I really enjoy Tolkien's work and don't have anyone else in my family or friends to be able to discuss his work with so I think this forum is awesome. I hope to be a part of it for a long time. The best thing we have here in Vermont for people like me is the anual Tolkien conference at the University of Vermont. I actually wrote a paper for it this year my first time ever attempting such a thing.
    Hey Sulimo,

    Finn and Hengest seems to have slipped under my radar; thanks for the post! It will be devoured eagerly soon :) Still re-reading Pearl ... it's great
    I just got Finn and Hengest. When I'm done with Harry Potter I will be rereading Beowulf, and then giving this a go. Yay!!
    Lol, should like you're being mean to the 'wifey'. Talk about flowers once in a while too! :p
    So, share a little something about yourself so we all get to know you a little. :)
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