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  • I just wanted to tell you I love your rendition of the Two Trees of Valinor header. It was what drew me to join TTF. It is just perfect. You are a great artist not only bc you depicted the Trees so perfectly but also bc you were able to capture the essence of this fan forum so well. Thank you.
    Hey I am new to the site, but I just read the Gene Hargrove paper you posted several years back on Tom Bombadil. That was great. Every skeptical question I had as I read it was answered in the following paragraph. That was amazing. Thanks for putting it up there.
    You like Mewithoutyou?!? No way!! (I saw a link to one of your art pages and I noticed that in your profile). I love them and have seen them like 6 or 7 times. How strange that some else here is a mewithoutyou fan! I love the banner by the way, it's gotta feel cool seeing that everytime you come in and just knowing that you made it haha.
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