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  1. Thorin

    The Battle of the Three Armies

    I got BoFA:EE in the mail a few weeks ago and am going to watch it for the first time with my students when we are finished with the book. I don't like the idea of the Elves and Dwarves fighting a battle at all...but what do you expect from PJ? All I want is to see more of Beorn fighting as the...
  2. Thorin

    Inanimate Objects Talking

    That is possible, but I think it was more that overall, the very nature of the mountain brought 'cruelty' for those attempting to cross it. Just like a deadly hairpin curve on a mountainside that has claimed many victims just from the way it is. One could almost think of Mt.Everest as well or a...
  3. Thorin

    Tolkien's Classic Put-downs

    "I would cut off your head, Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground." Eomer to Gimli upon their first meeting.
  4. Thorin

    Valarauka in the Third age.

    In Book of Lost Tales II, in an earlier rendition of 'The Fall of Gondolin' considerably shortened and revised for The Silmarillion, Tolkien gives the impression that there were LOTS of Balrogs in the attack. I wish Tolkien had kept the original 'FoG', what an incredible page turner!! It is...
  5. Thorin

    The Battle of Five Armies: Extended Edition

    Has anybody seen it yet? I just received it in the mail a few days ago. I'm doing The Hobbit with my grade 7s and I decided to watch it fresh with them for the first time. The only thing I hope for is....PLEASE let there be more of Beorn in the battle! I was SO disappointed to see about 5...
  6. Thorin

    Bombadil and the Barrow Brooch

    I'm sure I can find this online but I'm too lazy too. When Bombadil rescues the hobbits from the Barrow wights and they are digging through all the armor and weapons, Bombadil finds a brooch and says, 'Fair was the shoulder who wore this long ago.' and was going to give it to Goldberry. Who...
  7. Thorin

    Dol Amroth

    From wikipedia Tolkien gives two differing accounts of the origin of Imrahil's line, both in Unfinished Tales. In the earlier account,[21] the line was founded, according to "the tradition of [the] house", by Imrazôr the Númenórean and the Elven-lady Mithrellas, one of Nimrodel's Silvan...
  8. Thorin

    The battle at Gladden Fields

    Welcome to the forum! I must say that I haven't studied up on the battle of Gladden Fields. I do believe that Unfinished Tales has a section on it but I don't know if it will answer your questions! With the knowledge and lore that exists on this forum, I'm sure someone will come along with...
  9. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Frodo because he wasn't of any royal lineage or in a position of power?
  10. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Okay. I'll give the answer... Gimli is the only person who didn't have a dominating relationship over at least one person. Morgoth - Sauron, orcs and balrogs Sauron - Ringwraiths, orcs, Mouth of Sauron Frodo - Gollum Saruman - Wormtongue, Uruk-hai
  11. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Nope. I'll wait for a few more guesses before giving the answer.
  12. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    No and no... Think relationships...
  13. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Nope. Not the answer I am looking for!
  14. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Nope to both of you... I will give you part of the answer Gimli is the odd man out. Why?
  15. Thorin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Nope. I did change it because even though Thranduil fits somewhat, it might be considered stretching it so I didn't want to confuse people. Sauron fits better.