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    Elf deaths, etc.

    Hmmm, the impression that I get is that the kindred of 'men' -- to which the Hobbits *seem* to have belonged (esp. noting that they share the Gift of Men with the other Atani) would die sooner in Valinor . . . with no exceptions unless Iluvatar interceded to change the fate of that creature (a...
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    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    Well, I was kind of skirting around saying what I saying vis-a-vis science and God. :) What I am saying is that whatever God is, our current mental and technological abilities are inadequate to explain, prove, or otherwise define Him from a scientific perspective. I will note that I...
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    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    Science is the observation of fact based upon experimentation. The explanations come from the testing of hypotheses and the results derived thereof. Real scientists allow their experiments to present results that fit into a logical pattern. Don't agree. None of these things involves...
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    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    Well, actually, a true scientist doesn't strive to find any explanations for anything. A true scientist will propose a hypothesis that can be disproven via a series of definable tests. The more and more tests that are performed that do NOT disprove the hypothesis, the more likely that the...
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    Different images of Elves

    Sauron was originally one of the chief people of Aule, so I doubt if anyone other than Feanor would have been able to teach him much in relation to smith-craft. But anyhow, I'd be curious to hear more about why you think the elves were pompous bigots and egotistical jerks other than the part...
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    Let's see... Galadriel's parents were: Finarfin of the Noldor and Eärwen of the Teleri. Finarfin, as we know, was the son of Finwë and Indis of the Vanyar. As such, Galadriel was descended from all of the three houses of the Eldar, and was likely to have been MOST close to the Telerin...
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    what's the dif

    Yes, but power does not define their 'place'. They are not of a 'lesser order' than the Maiar simply because they are Maiar inhabiting frail shells... Based on what Tolkien wrote about Eonwe, I am left with the impression that Eonwe was the most highly skilled in use of weapons of all those...
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    A YayGollum Rant

    It's not often that I get to point out a statement of such egregious falsity! :D
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    A YayGollum Rant

    Definitely agree that Gollum deserved mention... It is not a good policy to whitewash history in order to emphasize the roles of heroes while de-emphasizing the roles of other participants because our heroes then become unrealistically distorted.
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    Unfinished Tales

    UT is definitely a great read...! My favorite little bit in that story is in Disaster at Gladden Fields... we are given to know that no one was present to witness Isildur's last words with Elendur... however, words are definitely placed into his mouth, and into the mouth of his eldest son that...
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    Ye olde question about the midieval-ness of LOTR

    I guess that I've just assumed for quite a long while now that the explosions at Helm's Deep were caused by gunpowder... and that the technological advances (such as those that we witness in the Shire) might have been more because of the influence of Saruman (who was mighty among the people of...
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    Ye olde question about the midieval-ness of LOTR

    I am not referring merely to the vast appearance of the nations on the map, but rather, the vast effect that war has upon a nation... higher taxes, less food, economic troubles, and lack of man-power to both fight a war and grow the food needed are some of the peripheral issues... oft times, an...
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    Ye olde question about the midieval-ness of LOTR

    Let us agree to that then... for while I see order as the sand-castle that is constantly worn and eroded by the chaos of the sea and must therefore be ever renewed, and the counsel of my heart tells me that it is so, each day brings new tidings, and brings many new things.
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    Ye olde question about the midieval-ness of LOTR

    Brent -- you should remember that I was referring to this as being chaotic _compared to_... what? The ideal of Europe during the medieval period as being highly chivalrous, highly honorable, well ordered, etc... There were all of those things that you mention, but none of them live up to the...
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    Ye olde question about the midieval-ness of LOTR

    Soooooo... you're saying that the 1000 year period in which vast areas of Europe were continously involved in wars was *not* chaotic? Sounds like "nonsense" to me too.