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    I would say he was one of the Fatherless, he even had a beard!
  2. Valenthir

    Elves, mortality and philosophy

    I believe the Human soul is energy, it just leaves when we die. Like buying a new car, the car is the body, the soul the driver, we just choose where the car goes and test its limits. But anyway I get what you're saying, yet humans have a life beyond, that is what makes death beautiful for them...
  3. Valenthir

    Elves, mortality and philosophy

    The Human Spirit is a vessel, blessed by Eru to be in the Second Music. That Void is unchanging, but in Eä things change always. One could say Ilúvatar is but a child trying to understand. Perhaps even Eru at one point existed as we do now.
  4. Valenthir

    Pick 1 Biggest Flaw in the Movies

    Why were the Elves at Helm's Deep? Tom Bombadil also was not in the films, those daggers given to the Hobbits had great power.
  5. Valenthir

    Elves, mortality and philosophy

    What would Lúthien think of all this? I do not want to live forever. I believe death is natural altogether. I admit when I was younger and my thoughts were more selfish, immortality was an attractive notion. But to what end? Who would I be for always? What would I do? Perhaps desires and...
  6. Valenthir

    Elves, mortality and philosophy

    I think the wisest of Elves would admire the fate given to Men. To live forever - it is an endless sorrow, seeing kingdoms rise to the height of their glory, then fall and fade into ruins; befriending mortals and losing them to death. It's just beautiful and sad.
  7. Valenthir

    Did Illuvatar create evil?

    Yes, we are talking about Eä. What then is evil? Did not the discord of Melkor cause the very conditions for life within the material world to exist? That much seems to be made clear when Ilúvatar enlightens Ulmo as to how the rains and clouds came to be. And when the Ainur descended into the...
  8. Valenthir

    Did Illuvatar create evil?

    Everything is. One could say evil as we understand it created everything we perceive now. But was it evil then? We exist because of the violence of the cosmos, therefore 'evil' is just a fragment of perception. But was it Ilúvatar's intention for evil to exist in his creation? No, I do not...