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  • If you are a facebook user here is a great cartoon from Mad As Hell Doctors that sums up the problem in the U.S. which despite it paying more money for health care than other nations on the planet is only considered 37th by World Health Organization in quality of health care.

    Here is a great video from Paul Hipp you can sing along with extolling the virtues of the U.S. being 37th in the list of nations by WHO in quality of health.
    hey there, chimey. i'm currently at marquette university in milwaukee. i suppose that could be loosely defined as an adventure. i spend my days learning, fencing, and reading. it's a good time. how about you?
    It's been VERY hot here in Denmark in the high 70's with almost no wind. That may not sound hot, but trust me...whew!

    Where are you in FL? I grew up in Ft. Myers.

    I've recently been accepted by a Reiki master to learn Reiki healing and I'm very excited! I should be able to begin in August.
    hey there windchimes. i like it. the avatar that is. i haven't been here for a while, so dont take my silence as a gesture of malice towards you.
    Hey WhindChimes!

    On my visitor board you asked: What is your opinion on global warming?

    I am no expert in global warming. In academic circles now the more proper term has shifted to climate change instead of global warming, seemingly because there are more variables involved than temperature naturally and also because the climate data based on temperature, at least from the research of some of my until-recently colleagues, isn't the most compelling nor always consistent.
    I have seen some evidence that suggests the presence of global climate change firsthand. Most notably was the presence of a yellow pitcher plant in silver lake, Wisconsin. The silver lake bog is a uniquely preserved bog ecosystem with very little human contact and is vital habitat for the endangered purple pitcher plant. A couple years ago I was out there for a conservation class and saw a yellow pitcher plant. These are usually found in the southeast and never before seen close to Wisconsin. We reported this to the Wisconsin dept. of natural resources, asking if we should remove it, and they said that southern plants are migrating north with global climate change and that it wasn't acting as an exotic plant but rather it was a natural process.

    PS thanks for commenting and joining the group!
    Thank you windchimes! But I think there is something wrong with the calendar, because my birthday is in September :D. Thank you though.
    I was informed via email that Greece is first in participation. Worldwide 2,712 cities in 83 countries have committed to VOTE EARTH. Visit the site www.earthhour.org to find out more. Thanks for contacting me!
    Aw, thanks. ^_^;; You sure know how to stroke a gal's ego. ^_~
    It's so nice to have a new RPer around who is excited (and consistent, LoL) about posting.
    So you have been busy asking everyone about their names, but I am curious; what does your name mean to you?
    Well, I ahve a full-time job, I read and do a little writing. And yes, we plan on attending a paranormal conference in Edinburgh in May.
    I was just wondering if you refereed to Annia of Woodland or did you refereed to annadelc? The last one is my name Anna del Carmen.
    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"
    Buenas noches. I would love to be your friend. The name in my avatar is the name of one of the characters in my book. She is a she elf and has an interesting life. Her family settled in Woodland but she lives in Lothia, (my other Elfin kingdom).
    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"
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