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  • Hi! I remember you from years ago! Nice to see some familiar faces. Hope you've been well xxx
    Hey, Yay! Yes, I miss this place. I tried so many times to log on, no can do. So, I quit my job! I have new work now, it's not as high paying as the one before, but it gave me a lot of time to write. Am writing for money now.

    If you're not that busy, I'd like to discuss some writing job with you privately. My yahoo messenger I will pm you, add me and we shall talk about it, if you have the time.
    For lot of people the physical attraction caused by emotional intoxication... Which evidently must dumben us down to the effects of "bugification".
    Well if that works for you thats cool... as far as not admitting it if it happens though... it sure would be interesting to find out if it does, considering all of your years of anti-love ranting around here. Though I've had my share of going half crazy from unrequited love myself in the past... so I could end up the fool for welcoming love in. *shrugs*
    Well Yay, perhaps people look at you as some form of entertainment or whatever, because that is just what you are putting out there? And the reason you feel asexual.... which if true... is very unusual i think... but the reason is perhaps that you have shut yourself off to feelings of deep connections with others. I never...engaged in such behaviour until I was 26 years old... and some thought I was weird. Who cares... to each one's own I guess.
    Well I have had love to turn bad... bad in the sense that I had somewhat given up on it... but, I never once regretted being open with him... or having met him or fallen in love or any of that. But it is your own decision if you want to avoid this sort of thing for yourself. I don't want to change your mind about it come to think of it. For some poeple maybe avoiding the pain is better than experiencing the warm and fuzzy feelings. *shrugs* But I do think you'd have to experience it to really know if it is worth it or not Yay. You may end up with a lifelong best friend & lover out of the deal.
    "You mention euphoria and a spiritual high. Sounds scary, to myself. I prefer to be as in control of myself as I can reasonably get. No wild abandon, for myself. " - If you really haven't been in love that is no surprise. And I know it is against your belief but I hope it happens for you some day. Or is that wishing you too much ill? Whoops. But even poeple who've been in love like to be in self control too. For myself, I try to keep control but loose it a little..and when I loose it it is both wonderful and...sucks! But if two poeple were to loose ocntrol with eachother...that could be the funnest experience ever... I would imagine... dunno.
    Hehe... okay, I think I will start working on taking notes for my character, and maybe wait and see what you have to say when you bring up a new advertisement. I am guessing you still want to have a group of unlikely companions who can't stand eachother become forced to cooperate because each has a role to play for their survival?
    Aftermath of War of Wrath sounds interesting. I don't think ithrynluin likes to RP a lot... he gets into these moods, kind of like me, but then it passes. I wasn't even able to beg him into that Noldolante one I had going.
    Maybe people were unsure how to write an as an elf... and the whole thing about turning into an orc might have seemed too difficult?

    Did you see any of the trailers yet for the new Zelda Skyward Sword or whatever its named?
    I got an idea. If I stay away from elves... how about I play a dwarf? Got an ideas concerning them that you might like to participate in?
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