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  1. Miguel

    Melkor & Ancalagon The Black & Gothmog VS Tulkas

    The Ungoliant didn't just mask their escape, she basically rendered Tulkas, Oromë and his entire army of Maiar useless. ☮
  2. Miguel

    Thranduil in the movies - did he meet your expectations?

    Where this elves supposed to be wearing that kind of armor?. I thought they wore lighter ones, though maybe dwarves helped with that?. Anyway, yeah, i liked his performance very much but i did not have expectations since i haven't finnished TH yet. His ways seemed more Elda than Sinda at times...
  3. Miguel

    What music are you listening at this moment?

  4. Miguel

    My own theory on what Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are

    The Ainur did percieve the darkness outside of the Timeless Halls, which they only knew in thought before, whereas Melko went into it before the music/big bang. The void seemed like it was always there, not created. SES, i think she may have taken that form when she (probably) entered Arda...
  5. Miguel

    My own theory on what Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are

    My view is that Tom was not before Arda, but started existing in it ever since it was made. I don't think Tom and Goldberry are Ainur, but rather born out of the music. Ungoliant on the other hand, and based on what i read, seems to come from the void itself. Did she took the form of a spider by...
  6. Miguel

    Theory on why the Ring has no effect on Bombadil

    The spirit of the English countryside VS a black hole.
  7. Miguel

    What music are you listening at this moment?

    1:26? 😭
  8. Miguel

    What music are you listening at this moment?

    I wouldn't mind if this guy was involved with the music score for the show.
  9. Miguel

    Shocking coincidences between The Hobbit and Lotr

    Is it Gostir or any of the unnamed ones that remained?.
  10. Miguel

    Was Frodo a hero?

    Yes, as it is my preferred approach, but i need multiple sessions in order to comprehend the whole thing. However, i tend to lean more towards the early days of Arda and that's were my mind is for the most part, though i am aware that knowing every nook and cranny in TH & LOTR is a must to get...
  11. Miguel

    Does Sauron, Morgoth and his Balrogs eat?

    Didn't the Valar eat fruit and such just for delight?. I might be wrong.
  12. Miguel

    Was Frodo a hero?

    I don't know about the Lotr books since i haven't read them, but in the movie Sam is like a mom/dad in the form of a dude. Is that why Gandalf was pleased that he was with Frodo?.
  13. Miguel

    Thranduil Meets His Match

  14. Miguel

    What music are you listening at this moment?

  15. Miguel

    Why didn't Lúthien overthrow Morgoth?

    Fingolfin wounded him seven times, though this is the only instance of 'fair play Morgoth: He probably didn't even need Grond or the on-blazoned shield to kill Fingolfin but this was meant to be a hand-to-hand combat duel. However, his now vulnerable body/vessel could also get killed. If...
  16. Miguel

    What do you think about The Hobbit movies?

    I think animation (not CGI) would be the best way to depict Middle-Earth.