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    How did the Men of the West keep from being defeated at the Battle of the Black Gate?

    Even with Sauron himself being defeated, it was pretty well stated that the armies of Mordor and its allies greatly outnumbered the armies of the West. While I can understand, if Sauron's armies of orcs and trolls might be weakened or killed if they were vulnerable to sunlight, surely the...
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    Could Elrond "fade"?

    Also, what about the children of Aragorn and Arwen? I understand that humans die, normally (I haven't read all of Tolkenology so I don't know if there were any that didn't die. I know that Beren was resurrected but later died again.) and Elves are immortal but will fade over time if they...
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    Would Sauron have fallen at any point if the Ring was destroyed?

    Melkor is another being of interest. Despite being a Valar, it does not appear that he was ever fully able to heal his leg wound that he got in his fight with that Elf Lord guy. Whether this inability to heal is only limited to evil Maia and Vala is unknown, though. The only good Mair I...
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    Would Sauron have fallen at any point if the Ring was destroyed?

    So if Sauron had never made the Ring, he would have "died" when Numenor sunk?
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    Fading, Death, Undead, and Immortal, how does that work in LOTR?

    I think that Men were clearly created to be mortal. It would seem that the Dwarves and Hobbits also ended up that way. However, supposedly the Orcs were Elves that Melkor had corrupted, so does that mean that they also were immortal and could only die the way Elves could? As for Mair...
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    "Whatever happened to Radagast the Brown?"

    Not quite. Radaghast ended up sending the eagle that rescued Gandalf, which did end up helping Frodo out as Gandalf was able to distract some of the Nazgul. Had Gandalf still been in the tower, the Nazgul would have gotten Frodo sooner and taken him over and seized the Ring.
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    Which side would Saruman pick?

    I know it's far fetched, but I was wondering if Saruman was put into a situation where he'd either have to swallow his pride and seek amends and rejoin Gandalf to stop Sauron or else accept being a servant of Sauron, which one he'd pick. The scenario above, though far fetched, was what first...
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    Which side would Saruman pick?

    I know Saruman's intention was to get the Ring for himself, but let's assume that, for whatever reason, the orcs of Isengard hadn't gotten there first and that Merry and Pippin were captured and were en route to Mordor via a Nazgul and Gandalf somehow knew about it and Saruman soon encountered...
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    Could the One Ring connection have worked in reverse?

    Sauron's goal was to control the Nine Men, Seven Dwarves, and Three Elves with his Master Ring. However, was it possible that, if the others had known about it and had not been of a villainous sort, that, say, Nine Aragorns, some dwarves with the strength of Durin or even a Dwarf of the First...
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    Would Sauron have fallen at any point if the Ring was destroyed?

    We know for certain that he'd have fallen AFTER his defeat at the Battle of the Last Alliance (can't recall the name), as they said Isildur could have and should have destroyed the Ring right then. But would Sauron have fallen even back in the Second Age if, by some chance, the Numenoreans...
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    Theory on why the Ring has no effect on Bombadil

    Possibly the creation. I don't think he could be Eru. Eru is stronger than the Valar and Sauron couldn't hope to beat a Vala so the idea that he could fall, albeit last, seems odd. I wonder if that's a clue to Bombadil's identity, that he'd be the LAST one to fall if Sauron conquered all...
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    I'm having trouble logging in with Opera

    For the longest time, I was fine (so it's not likely the browser). For a while, I had thought that it was just my Privacy Badger plugin, but after disabling the plugin, the issue keeps persisting. I don't appear to be banned (so that's not it either.) I keep logging in but it acts like the...
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    Why would Sauron care if Aragorn had the Ring?

    He's just a mortal man. Would it even be possible for him to get enough power from it to topple Suaron? That part I never got as to why it seemed possible that Gondor could do anything with the Ring more than raise a big stink and have Suaron personally come over there and take it.
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    What would the Balrog have done if the ring had fallen into his hands

    I had wondered if it was Pippin, actually, throwing that rock down the well. Your second argument about the Ring being a transportation device would only apply to mortals. Elves, Mair, and Valar were already in both realms at once. That would definitely include Sauron himself, who...
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    How did evil stay out of Valinor?

    Please be serious folks. What kept evil and immorality from spreading into Valinor and turning it bad? If the Elves could kill their own kin in the Blessed Realm to try and go after Morgoth, it stands to reason that it was possible for evil to happen in Valinor itself.
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    Middle Earth deteriorating?

    What was said in this video, I've often wondered. It seems that each age was getting worse. The Men were of a baser sort in each age (and also lived less long) than the Men of the previous ages. The Elves seemed to be less powerful in each age, as we can see Feanor and Galadriel having...
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    Does the power of Elves diminish over time and over generations?

    It seems that the house of Feanor and the Noldor like Galadriel had quite a bit of magical power and could, for some time, hold off those like Sauron. (One of them, whose name escapes me, though eventually killed, was able to hold his own for a while and injure the Dark Lord Vala Melkor.)...
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    Why did Elrond have to leave Middle Earth?

    Technically, he was granted immortality, choosing to be like the Elves, but as he wasn't full Elf (but also not full Man), was it possible he could have stayed in Middle Earth forever without either dying (like Men) or fading (like Elves)?
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    How did evil stay out of Valinor?

    I know that the Kin-slaying was done there and also that Melkor had quite a long time (I'm not sure of the timespan between the creation and the First Age around when Melkor came to Middle Earth.) that even the Undying Lands and the Blessed Realm weren't marred by his evil influence. I do...
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    The Worst Spoils You Ever Had With LOTR?

    That Gollum ended up destroying the Ring. I hadn't read The Return of the King yet and, having seen some of the movies, but not that one either, I asked my aunt what ever happened to Gollum and she said that he died when the Ring was destroyed.