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  1. Feanorian

    I am reading Unfinished Tales

    I suspicously found both The Sil and UT extremely smooth, easy, enjoyable reading. Probably because I picked them up right after LOTR and was still Middle Earth-starved...not that I am not now:rolleyes:
  2. Feanorian

    The Critter in the Troll's Pocket

    This is one of those things that you dont remeber as much as you would Bilbo sneaking out of the cave but it is a interesting little tid bit. Kinda like that random fox who walks by the hobbits in the woods in FOTR.
  3. Feanorian

    Why The lord of the rings??

    Older brothers are of some good use, thats how i got into The Hobbit and LOTR. My brother and all his friends would read them and talk about them and they even formed their own Fellowship....each member having a spot in the Fellowship. Since then I have surpassed every one of them numerous times...
  4. Feanorian

    Who is Tom Bombadil?

    Two of the craziest I can remeber are The Witch King (which I think either Craigsmith or someone else preached on TTL) or Eru.
  5. Feanorian

    Two more unrelated Unfinished Tales questions

    Very close Baragund my friend but not exactly , they were descendants of those Eagles, the first age ealges were most likely Maiar themselves and that those of the third age were still powerful but not to the same level as their forefathers. The Eagles in the first age had very close relations...