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  1. Maeglin

    Hey Ho! Join me for another look at the name of Tom Bombadil

    Yeah, thats right, another thread about Tom Bombadillo. I just finished the 2 chapters which include good ol' Tom, and the quote about who Tom is drew my interest more than it has in the past. His name, that's the only answer. Lets forget about everything else in that little quotation...
  2. Maeglin

    Thorin III Stonehelm

    In the Appendices (Appendix A, part 3, Durin's Folk) it says in the genealogy shown that Dain II Ironfoot was king until the year 3019 (end of the third age when he fell in the War of the Ring), but then it shows that Thorin III Stonehelm succeeded him. The problem with that is that it also...
  3. Maeglin

    How'd they do it?

    LotR, Appendix A, Part 1: The Numenorean Kings: Only nine ships?! I know that Numenorean colonies had already been set up...but I don't think they had any great numbers of people, at least not enough to combine with the number of people on just nine ships to form an entire empire in...
  4. Maeglin

    Did Aragorn ever tell?

    I don't recall seeing anywhere throughout the story that Aragorn ever did reveal Boromir's last words. So did he ever tell Legolas, Gimli, and the others, or did he not?:confused:
  5. Maeglin

    Morgul Baggins

    It seems that Frodo now has the abilities/powers of the Nazgul, at least to some extent. Would this in some way give him more power to resist the power of the Ring, since the nine are so powerful and passed some of that power to him? Or would this make him more prone to fall slave to the Ring...
  6. Maeglin

    The Elf-horse

    Tolkien calls Glorfindel's horse Asfaloth the Elf-horse several times, right here: Here: And Here: Why did Asfaloth get the special name Elf-horse, I don't think it can be just because his master was an Elf, for surely there were many more elves with horses in the Sil and they...
  7. Maeglin

    Who is faster?

    Who does everyone think is faster: Asfaloth(Glorfindel's horse, and it took me forever to find his name, its only mentioned once) or Shadowfax?