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  1. lotrfox

    Want to help with getting Elvish on Duolingo?

    I realize that Sindarin or Quenya on Duolingo would probably end in a disaster, mainly since neither is quite completed and most likely never will. However, I find it shocking (and frankly, kind of insulting) that Klingon AND High Valyrian are both on Duolingo, yet the best languages - Sindarin...
  2. lotrfox

    Do you celebrate Durin's Day?

    A week ago was Durin's Day for this year, and I had no idea how to celebrate it. I looked but no one had posted anything about it. I ended up just going out to eat for Dwarves are always up for a big feast. Yet I'm not sure I differentiated it too well from my celebration of Hobbit Day: a...