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  1. Olorgando

    RoTK publishing anniversary today!

    Yes, fans of Middle-earth, today is the day, 64 years ago in 1955, that the third and final volume of "The Lord of the Rings", "The Return of the King", was finally published in England after a wait of almost a year - those "blasted" Appendices gave JRRT no end of trouble. This was like waiting...
  2. Olorgando

    Maps by Brian Sibley and John Howe

    Does anyone else have those three maps by Brian Sibley (text) and John Howe (illustrations)? They're from 1994 (Third Age Middle-earth), 1995 (The Hobbit) and 1999 (Beleriand, so First-Age Silmarillion). All three are poster-sized foldouts in a common small-book-sized cover including booklets...
  3. Olorgando

    M-e 21 questions (or "Who or what am I")

    OK, since ArwenStar has introduced a new game, I'll suggest my other favorite game from the same site as the "Hangman" one. This one goes under two different names under the main site and that "sub-site" I mentioned thus the two alternative names above. The challenger states what is being...
  4. Olorgando

    M-e Hangman game

    As Squint-eyed Southerner pointed out some time early in my browsing & blabbing here, I am allowed to open new threads (thought it was in one of the PMs, but it must be elsewhere). Halasían, in posting in my introductory “Hi from Germany” thread in the “New Members” subforum, mentioned “The...
  5. Olorgando

    Hi from Germany!

    Joined this site on the recommendation of a member who’s also a member in two other Tolkien sites that I frequent (and one I tried to register on but where I’m in some sort of “posting limbo”). I lived in the US with my parents for nine years (1966 to 1975), pre-teen to second year of college...