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  1. Musica

    Are there any passages in LOTR that you find irritating?

    I love Tolkien's works, especially LOTR and mostly enjoy every word. However, there are a few passages (very few, indeed) that I find irritating. Here's one: The Fellowship of the Ring, Book Two, Chapter IV, A Journey In The Dark. The Company have arrived at the hidden doors of Moria. All...
  2. Musica

    How did Gollum know that Frodo was a Baggins?

    Hail and well met! I'm brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I've been reading so many postings today - all very interesting and informative. I've read the LOTR many times and have listened to the audiobooks even more and I have yet to understand how Gollum knew that Frodo was a...