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  1. CirdanLinweilin

    American Views on TLOTR Versus British

    From Tolkien Gateway: " Dan Wickenden gives a positive review of The Return of the King in the New York Herald Tribune titled "Notable Allegorical Trilogy Comes to Triumphant End"." Did this chap think to realize TLOTR was NOT ALLEGORICAL or was this an American View versus a British One...
  2. CirdanLinweilin

    Switzerland: Anyone Been?

    Anyone? CL
  3. CirdanLinweilin

    16 and 5: Anniversaries

    Happy 16th and 5th Anniversaries of the release of Return of the King and Battle of the Five Armies, respectively. Not a satire post, or a tease, just thought you would all like to know! CL
  4. CirdanLinweilin

    Dragonlander: Post-Apocalyptic, Tolkienesque-Dystopian Novel set in Modern Day

    So, here's another story that just, rather, "Birthed itself", in the recesses of my writer's mind, 'In the Midst and Wake of flaming carnage, when the world is engulfed in dying conflagration, a lone survivor must unlock the secrets of his past through scraps of his lost brother's notes...
  5. CirdanLinweilin

    The Court of Last Battle by R.C. Black - My Own High Fantasy - Novella - IN the Works!

    Hi All! So, instead of the High Fantasy Novel first, I am starting my High Fantasy with a Novella called: "The Court of Last Battle", with the same High Fantasy Character as in the novel. Here's my starting description for the story: "Starved... Cold... Frozen to the Bone and Jagged at the...
  6. CirdanLinweilin

    The True Death of Smaug: An Animated Short Loyal to the Book

    I just found this a minute or so ago, really interesting CL
  7. CirdanLinweilin

    Would some folks in Gondor Recognize Him from his Undercover Days Serving Denethor's Father?

    I just thought of this? Would they have? Especially the older gentlemen and women? Why did it take him to heal someone to finally recognize him? Or did everyone I just mention get killed previous somehow or just die off and nobody remembers the Gallant Man who served Ecthelion? Thoughts?
  8. CirdanLinweilin

    Tolkien Inspired - When the Hammer Falls - Rousing Dwarven Battle Cry

    This is a Dwarven War Cry I never knew I needed. CL
  9. CirdanLinweilin

    Tolkien Estate Disavows Film Starring Nicholas Hoult

    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/apr/23/tolkien-estate-disavows-forthcoming-film-starring-nicholas-hoult Well, this seems interesting! CL
  10. CirdanLinweilin

    *DO* you think the Nazgul have Minds of their OWN?

    Well, do they? I keep hearing they are "enslaved to the Ring", but how far does the enslavement go? Minds of their own? Or blank slaves? CL
  11. CirdanLinweilin

    Amazon - Young Aragorn Reportedly Scouting Locations in Scotland

    Thoughts? https://bgr.com/2019/02/11/amazon-lord-of-the-rings-location-scouts-scotland/ CL
  12. CirdanLinweilin

    A Middle-earth Traveler - John Howe

    Anyone else have this art book? It's pretty nice looking, I just got it today. Thoughts? CL
  13. CirdanLinweilin

    Hobbits: Fate of Men?

    From Tolkien Gateway: Thoughts? Would it be possible for them to pass Beyond the Circles of the World? CL
  14. CirdanLinweilin

    Tolkien's 127th Birthday!

    Happy 127th Birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien! CL
  15. CirdanLinweilin

    My Published Christmas Story on Amazon! (Paperback)

    Hi All and a Very Merry Christmas: Here's a year-long project of mine, my very first published work: "Book 1 of Seasons of Suffering and Joy: Brontie's Hope: Or the Suffering of Bronwen-Timarie" https://www.amazon.com/dp/179195992X/?tag=r-r-20 The Kindle Ebook is also available! Merry...
  16. CirdanLinweilin

    John Rhys--Davies Words for Amazon

    I can't say I disagree with the gent. https://www.newsweek.com/lord-rings-amazon-tv-series-middle-earth-713402 What do you all think?
  17. CirdanLinweilin

    Dark Lord Gandalf -Alternate Universe Musings

    Was inspired by a PM I am having: What would his regime be like after he would eventually turn to evil, if he indeed had taken the Ring when it was offered by Frodo? Speculate to your Hearts' content! CL *Thanks Squint!
  18. CirdanLinweilin

    Fëanor's Two Handed Sword - Now a reality

    For anyone interested: https://www.medievalcollectibles.com/p-21650-feanors-two-handed-sword-with-scabbard-and-belt.aspx Looks pretty snazzy! CL
  19. CirdanLinweilin

    The Worst Spoils You Ever Had With LOTR?

    Me: Finding out what happened to Bill the pony on TolkienGateway before I finished the story. I still regret it. It was by mistake, but still. You? CL